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You Can Be Happy Or Be Right

On the set of my shows, I am the man! When I get home, well, that's another story.

The number one rule to staying married is to figure out which is more important — your happiness or being right! On the set of my shows, I am the man! When I get home, well, that’s another story. Watch this clip, I’ll break down the choices you can make to make sure of your happiness in the future.

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  1. Steve you said that today my brother. You are my brother in my head!!!????????
    Don’t tripp my name is Mary!! not the one you know. lol…..

  2. Hi Steve. Thankyou for always being insightful, inspiring and really motivating. You and Marjorie encourage me alot.
    I like your show and they make me look at life differently.
    Mr CLO, am Christian single and would like you to help me interact and mingle and get a good friend, boyfriend. Would you connect us. I’m from East Africa, Kenya.
    I welcome you to our beautiful country.

    Keep doing the best!

    God bless you.

  3. 60 year’s old have no hope in dating. I pray so hard for the right man. I just don’t want any man.. I want my MAN. PLEASE HELP. I know u can..????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????barmiller58@gmail.com. please respond. THANK You IN advance.

  4. Good morning Steve,
    I just want to say ; THANK YOU, Thank you for being just who you are. {I mean that from my heart, I know that I’ll never met you, because …} However I look forward to learning/listening to you in the mornings, {even before that ; I remember when I was 1st. Into U, you were on a famous talk show at that time and you said ….. , That gave me an idea of the kind of person you are, Please don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to judge you {I know my place … , } That’s GOD JOB/DOING. Anywho before I really get long winded. I love you and may GOD stay with and keep blessings upon you now and always. Tell the morning crew ; I said good morning and I love all of them as well and IF …. , However it’s all out of love. Enjoy the rest of your day.

  5. Hello Steve,
    Since your sitcom Me and the Boys on ABC in September 1994, I have been a loyal fan. The hard work you have put in over the years really has impressed me. I don’t only mean in entertainment. I also mean with yourself. You share great wisdom that could have only come through experience and time with the Lord allowing Him to excel you. Thank you for your courage to share with transparency. It has changed my life.
    Rebecca Mckay

  6. Dear Mr. Harvey,
    Just watched your talk show again and feel that I must now write you. I hear how you say how men should treat a woman. I have been married 31 years to a man who likes porn. It is a secret he has kept from everyone. He also controls all our money. I hear you say a Man should pay. When we dated I always ended paying out. Now I do not offer to pay, but I do leave the tip as he really does not like to tip. I have $20.00 in my wallet and scared to ask for money. My husband has also punch a hole in the wall, that was aimed for me.
    I heard you asked someone on your show, if they wanted to live another 10 years with whatever their problem was. I got to thinking about myself after 31 years of marriage. I have depression and have tried 3 times to kill myself because of his addiction, which I know he cannot change. My trust is broken. I know I am not perfect either. Do you think I deserve to be happy after all these years? I am 68 years old. Or just accept my life as is with my husband after all these years. You are a very wise man when it comes to relationships.
    Thank You.

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