Life Is A Series Of Peaks And Valleys

If you are trying to get through life without God, YOU ARE TRIPPING! YOU NEED GOD!

When you call on God he gives you the tools to handle the peaks and valleys in life. Make sure that you renew your faith and keep praying but remember that Faith doesn’t make it easy, faith makes it possible. Watch more #Motivated on

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  1. Steve, you are the man. My thoughts….come to Jamaica and host a show on inspiration, belief, faith, hope…..and I sure will be there. My dream is to be a motivational speaker. I have been listening to you and many others and I have so far changed a few lives.

  2. Thank you Mr. Harvey.
    59 yr old Hispanic woman.
    If you can say a prayer! for me that I can understand the law better because I want to avoid being arrested and do jail time. I have never been arrested and I am not planning to. I have worked all my life. Currently work in retail, part time. The police is being nagged by some people in Sedgwick Houses, Bronx to remove me. I’m sorry Mr. Harvey but the police have to live up to New York Finest title and the 46th precinct, Bronx is too much politically correct, aside from some of them being corrupted. God Bless you.
    Always been a Christian and know about the prayers and all that; but, I don’t forget the times that you have said, “Say thank you when you wake up in the morning for living”, something along those lines. This morning I said “Thank you Lord” the Steve Harvey way.

  3. You have changed my life perception. I’m a better person than before. But the bad fact is that I’m very far from you. I am in Kenya, Africa. It saddens me more but I’d really appreciate and want to meet you.
    May God bless you replenishfully.
    Thanks. Your Regards.

  4. Hello Mr. Steve!
    I just want to appreciate the gift of God upon you and how you are using it to blessed the entire world. I watch every of your show and see how you talked and inspired my life personally by your comedy. Indeed, this God at work in you. You have truly taught me so much about what life really means and made to me understand that life isn’t all about living for oneself, but it is all about the people around you and the impact you have on them that matters. Please, keep doing the good works you are doing and the Good Lord will establish you for ever.

  5. Steve I’m in tears after watching this video. I’ve sent your link to my son. He is 34 suffering from depression from his father turning his back on him when he was 23. He likes you so much Steve and I’m hoping he watches your videos once a day to help him thru. I’d give ANYTHING for him to meet you, you put his hand on his shoulder and tell him he can do this thing called “LIFE”!!
    God Bless you, Steve, for sharing yourself with the world. You are the meaning of the word “man”.

  6. Thank you for reminding me how much I need GOD every minute of my life

  7. Keep inspiring Steve! I love it! One day I hope to meet you…I had the chance a few years ago, missed the call, I was going through so much and didn’t know the opportunity passed me by, until two weeks later. I still listen to the voicemail to this day! God willing, I’ll get that chance again! I’d love to share my story with you! It inspires many, I know it will inspire you too! Keep up the good work, Steve! God bless*

  8. Steve you are perfect a sinner and am not happy ,why ? because without god in your life full grounded we are useless.this world of want material things is ok but we had to put god first.

  9. I’ve followed Steve for years, I watch him and listen to him every chance I get. I bought and read one of his books and have always followed his advice. A year ago I walked from a 25 year relationship after accepting that man was never going to marry me. I didn’t leave angry or bitter, I accepted the part I played in staying for 25 years. I gave him the opportunity to call me out on anything he thought I was unfair about and walked away. Last week his brother suddenly died (you could say his twin, they were 10 months apart). I really loved his brother so it was a “no brainer” that I would make myself available to him and the family. I always feel like he hates me for leaving because he felt, he didn’t do anything to me. It wasn’t about him it was about me, I was just so unhappy. God brought me out of a deep depression
    and gave me the courage to walk away. My love for him is still there but on another level. I realized that I had to choose being alone and happy or with him and unhappy. Jesus came that we might have life and have it more abundantly. Thank You Steve for the inspiration to do something about my happiness.

  10. Do you really read all these? Well at any rate I love hearing your advice! Just recently ive lost my leg to health issues and really struggling to find my purpose!!

  11. Another Great One. Steve I started listening to your Radio show years ago. Always good for Smile in the A. M., Anyway straight truth coming out. I’ve loss loved ones. And I wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for Faith. I’ve gotten some packages and a whole Lotta More on the way! Cause I know God hears me.
    And God is Good all the Time. Thanks again. Peace
    Luke 1:37

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