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Rapid Fire with Steve Harvey: Favorite Rappers, Video Games & Cedric the Entertainer

Rapid fire questions from my Family Feud audience!

During commercial breaks I take the most random questions and answer. This episode I answer questions about my favorite rappers, favorite person to work with, whether or not I play video games, where to meet a nice guy and whether or not I’d be a good contestant on the Family Feud!

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  1. Dear Steve I’ll like to meet you . My family is 4 th generation watchers of your show. My disable Child Has a wish to come on your show and meet you also, she has a wish

  2. I want to talk to you, Steve Harvey.

  3. I would like to be on your show . I’m 63 yr who. has been badly mistreated . I have medical issues but would still like to meet someone . Mr . Harvey , people are so cure . I have lung disease

  4. Steve my husband and I don’t feel like we have a lot time for ourselves because Monday through Saturday we are watching our 8 year grandson 3 year granddaughter and our 1 1/2 grandson. While they parents work. Some Saturday they don’t work and we make plans but then we cancel because we are to tried to do anything our health is not at it’s best but we push through it for our family. Help us please

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