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Men Are Hunters When It Comes To Dating & Marriage | Motivated

As a man, we enjoy the chase of the hunt

Men are natural hunters when it comes to dating and marriage. As a man, we enjoy the chase of the hunt. Ladies, make sure that you remember that. I’m giving you tips on the male psyche.

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  1. Hey Steve. My daughter is 26yrs. young and can not find a boyfriend r a man to get serious with.
    Steve find her a man.

  2. I have a question. I have a boyfriend and we have been living together for five years. A year ago I saw in his phone that he was texting a female that we both know a very personal message. In fact it was some of the same things he was telling me at night. Well I confronted him. He apologized and said he made a mistake. My question is he says his phone is personal but I feel that if you are living together there is nothing personal especially after you where caught texting someone something so personal. To explain our relationship it’s like we are married but but we just haven’t said I do. He does everything a husband would do and I do as a wife should do. Should I be comfortable with that after his disloyalty?

    1. Sonja . You aren’t like married. If you’re married and you split you get half of everything. You just living together and you split. You get nothing

  3. Steve I have been with good men and bad men and have been hunted and been captured just by the wrong men they turned out to be Boy’s Steve I’m looking for a decent man who will work and provide for himself and me and someday provide for children Steve find me a man please

  4. Congratulations on 7 years of Giving yourself to helping me and so many others. I am Retired Minister of Christian Education at the church where my deceased husband pastored and my son Dr Lea Jr is pastor (your Omega brother)May God Bless and keep you and family!
    See you on Family Feud????

  5. I am a Nigerian, am 36 a single mum of two kids I need a man to build a career with, someone who will motivate and mentor me.

  6. Steve help my daughter she’s 25 never been kissed or dated she feels like it’s her weight help her see her beauty

  7. Thank you for being an inspiration to so many including myself. There’s this video of a lady singing in a subway with an amazing voice. I’d like to send the video so you can track her down and help her. She just needs someone to give her a chance. Maybe connect her to the right people.
    Kindest regards,

  8. My boyfriend and I have been dating for about 1.5 years. He is 20 and I’m 27 living together. We were friends for 2 years before dating. We hooked on the first meet in person during a game con with bunch of our online friends from around the states. After the event, we decided to start dating. He tells me I’m out of his league. After a year, he says he’s not ready for a real relationship. A few months ago he confessed that he regrets hooking up with me during that event and still said he ain’t ready for a real relationship and needs to focus on himself. Every time he stress out, he tells me his true feelings. I don’t know if he knows how I would feel, but it really hurts. 3 things he said to me is he wants to start out again as friends to get to know each other more, he’s not ready for a real relationship, wants to focus on himself but does not wants break up. What should I do?

  9. Steve, I married my high school sweetheart, we have been married 40 years. He still strives to impress me, show me he cares, and basically tries to win me over again. He’s my rock, my strength and the shoulder I lean on when things get rough. I’m in remission from breast cancer, without him, I would not have tried so hard to win my battle. I says these things because I hope others listen to your motivational advise and a young girl can have a man win her over, just like I did.

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  11. Hey Steve should I consider dating my ex again knowing he’s been talking to someone else going on two months now? What should I do?

  12. Started following your program recently on Facebook, i’m really enjoying every bit of it thou seems I started late.
    After my last relationship that lasted for 5years I find it difficult to take relationship serious and it looks to me like scam because I was heart broken, but now I need to settle down

    How will I overcome this?

  13. Steve Harvey I’ve seen your show on relationships far too-many times and taken notice how successful it been in connecting people together. I’m helpless in connecting with someone because I’m meeting the wrong type that wants just a date only and no commitment. I’ve been alone single since early 1990s. I’ve been active in many hobbies and raising my two adult sons. As of now I just want to be part of a commitment with a single guy. I’ve been hurt several times and the only support I know is the Supreme Being who created man and woman. I grew up around matriarch mother and aunt that became widows and spent alone and never married again. Steve I just don’t want to end life on earth in this fashion. I believe God has a soulmate for me and I will be bless by August 31st my 65th birthday.

  14. I was watching a show with an unmarried couple had been together 10 years and had 3 children.
    He cheated on her while she was pregnant.
    You should have given one more piece of advice: If you truly forgive each other, DO NOT BRING UP THE PAST!!!

  15. Ladies be happy by yourself. Your best friend
    Is you. Marriage in America today is a
    Gamble and heartbreak. Some women
    Don’t make it out alive. Count your blessings
    Each day. Know you are a beautiful creation
    By God. Appreciate the friends you have.
    The greatest love is Gods love for you.
    Leave theses sorry men to their sorry selves.

  16. […] ladies’ men are hunters, let them hunt. Do not throw yourself at a man. If has the same effect as him finding a dead dog at […]

  17. […] unexpected circumstances like losing your number he is genuinely unable to. Guys are wired to to be hunters and enjoy the thrill of the chase. If a guy likes what he sees and is excited to get to know you, […]

  18. I am married to my husband of 3 years. However I married him in prison 2019. After 30 years he was released June 2023. I carried for his father in 2013 he passed away soon after I was his caregiver. I lived in Sacramento at that time. In 2017 I moved away to Los Banos. I was called again to care for his mother she passed too. Durning these time my husband (that time he was not) called me constantly to check on his parents. After his mom passed away he asked me if he sent me a visiting form will I go visit him in DVI in Tracy. I was approved and started to visit him. It was first window then contact. He asked me to marry him. I’m still happy to be his wife but now he wants a divorce because of my insecurities from rape by my brother, infidelity by my first husband. I started to feel I can never be happy because I have to face these things to become a better ME aka WIFE. Can I save my marriage even if he wants it and I don’t?

  19. Hi Steve, do you still do the dating and mate finding. Dating has not been easiest thing in this new generation of dating. Some tips or suggestions to how I can change that would really help.

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