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Remain on “Faith Street”

When you ask God for something he boxes it up and ships it immediately.

Most people have moved off of “Faith Street” before their gift is delivered. You have to remain on Faith Street to receive your gift. When God boxes up your gift he doesn’t give you a delivery date that your gift will arrive. Keep your faith and remember that God doesn’t ship packages to “I Doubt it Boulevard.”

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  1. Dear Steve,

    Thank you once again. I always feel like you are looking out for me like a big brother from another mother. I appreciate you so much.

    Kind regards


  2. Steve Harvey is the truth! I love the Faith Street Motivation speech, you spoke a word to my life and I thank you. Keep us lifted. I look to you for the inspiration you give in your marriage, your talk show, your game show and most of all the radio show, I listen every morning, it’s the high light of my day. Thank You so much.

  3. I jumped and remaining on Faith street through it all. For I know my blessings and answered prayers have been shipped out to me. Keep sending out the motivation messages so others can/will move from doubt street to Faith street. Thank you and be blessed.


  5. Thank you, I needed the reminder

  6. Steve, this is a true statement. God always know what best for us, so if you ask him for something, he determines whether he wants you to have it , if he wants you to have what you asked for he will give it to you in his appointed time. I know this to be true because I have asked God for a blessing like a brand new luxury car fully paid, as of this moment I have not received his blessing in getting the Car but I have not given up on believing that I will receive it. I am so thankful/grateful for what I currently have. When God blesses you, he will give you more than what you have asked for.

  7. Hey Steve thanks for the Beautiful message I’m struggling trying to that profit man can u help a Sister out thank you

  8. Along with remaining in faith it’s good to have a plan about what you’re going to do with the gift.
    Pointless goals not allowed….

  9. I lost my job, I had two brothers that passed away in the same year, and I’m going through a lot with my husband, my sons . I can no longer make it whole again with my family. I been trying to keep us all together, and everything I do I’m the one to blame,. No one takes ownership for what they do and say.

    I have a redesign business that I put a lot of money and time in, and I can’t figure out how to get it off the ground. I kinda feel that I lost my job in order for me to try once again at making my business work. I spent a lot of time and energy at work that I put my business on the back burner. I was just sitting down asking the Lord to give me some direction in moving forward towards my business and your motivational email popped up. All I have to say is thank you , the Lord sent you to me. I needed this today bless you and your family. Steve continue to do what you do, you are blessing!

  10. Loving Steve Harvey…watching your shows takes away all of my bad thoughts. Thankful to have someone like you who is an inspiration to a young lady like me.

  11. Steve I have had faith my whole life but it seems to me that everytime I think I’m getting ahead I fall back I had a work injury over a year ago had to have surgery did the therapy but my hand will never be back to normal and with my restrictions my job cant accomadate my restriction I’m on the verge of loosing my apartment my family have helped me till they cant help nomore and my faith is wearing thin I try to do what I can to make sure others are taken care of I have gave people a home while I’m struggling to keep my home I’m to my white end I just need lots of prayers thank you in advance

  12. Amen ,I feel like you are talking to me and God bless you .

  13. Mr. Harvey showed up to me right after God has spoken to me. Thank you for staying on Faith St as well, brother in Christ. I have truly heard the Voice while my place lit up as if the sun rose. All of that happened at 3:33 am though. Soon after Steve Harvey came on with his praising of God. Needless to say, my first call was to my pastor. I was so scared. Lol… I’m not scared anymore. Thank you again Mr. Harvey for allowing God to use you. You couldn’t imagine how many you uplift by glorifying our Father.

  14. You are a wonderful man Mr.Steve Harvy

  15. This is awesome and at a time I needed it the most. Today is the 13th year anniversary of my husband’s Melvin’s death and I was feeling pretty sad ???? and somewhat discouraged. Thank you Mr. Harvey for a word that encouraged me to never give up on my hopes and dreams.

  16. I will like to talk to you one day.if I had a chance

  17. I love the fact Steve uses his personal experiences and what he’s been thru. I love you Steve and honestly you’re the reason I work so hard because I almost gave up but after listening to you in the mornings I realized I have to keep pushing and keep the faith that it will happen.

  18. This is great advice, Steve. God bless.

  19. Thank you for that Steve, I really needed to hear this because I was so close to giving up my dream and that is. It what I want to do. ❤️ You saved more than lives, you save dreams.

  20. An awesome example of keeping the ‘faith’ is My youngest son Benjamin Moriniere the owner of Capoeira Academy Okinawa (Japan) . He is now a Martial Arts Professor that has trained over 7,000 students, and trains 300 students weekly along with his staff. Click on his page and give your faith a daily boost! Successfully BLACK – OWNED business, with a racially diversified staff. The business has been in operation over 12 years. KEEP THE FAITH, WAIT UNTIL YOU SEE YOUR DREAM COME ALIVE. Appearing on a Steve Harvey Show would be a ‘plus’. Let him tell the world his success story and encourage others to KEEP THE FAITH.

  21. Thanks Steve no matter what has happened I am thankful you helped me help my daughter Isis . Your insight on life is so very heartfelt.
    Thus message could not have happened at a more important time in my life. I remember when my son attended Crenshaw High school I was at an event you had donated computers and books at that time you had your woman crew and I dreamed of being a part …then I met Rushion driving down the street and he stopped we chatted I told him I was on my way to an acting y her lifclass and he told he. Was in the business then I started to cry Isis my daughter was in so much trouble heading to destroy her life I had just divorced move from San Clemente the divorce was so hard on me and my children .
    You allowed her to work for you and share her show ideas and she got upset because others took credit but that is ok you saved her and I will always be grateful. We are only here this is not a dress resheral and to be in this world without experiencing true love what is the point.

    I am praying for you and I am sorry so people can be so cruel to try to undermine your success.
    I know even for me I dream of happy everafter. To see your manifestation
    Give me hope.
    Thank you
    Steve you are a true example of transformation strength wisdom fun joy that you bring to the world
    I know first hand people don’t divorce for no reason
    People don’t leave another for no reason nobody owns anyone people stay because they want too. Many times others seek to punish you because you leave. My ex told me he would do everything I can do to hurt and destroy you. I told him you and what army. Because will never be allowed to destroy me I am a true child of Gid who is deeply love by my God he protects me and blesses me I see that every morning when I look in the mirror and I see the beauty in this world .

  22. I had to shed some tears while listening!! It hit so close to me. I’m still waiting. I went to have surgery on Nov. 2001. The Dr. accidentally cut my vein. I now have a clamp on my vein. I had 2 lawyers on the case. I of them died. The other one just stopped working on the case. I’ve had deposition and all. The Dr admitted to the error. I haven’t heard from him since. I have about $15000.00 of debt. I’m turning 65 in June. I want to get rid of the debt. I had a dream about receiving a financial blessing. The dream showed me the lawyer at my house with the check. Even though it’s been a long time. I’m not giving up. You encouraged me to stay on Faith St. God showed me this lawyer. I’m just waiting on God, not man.

  23. Thanks Steve going through right now I have a facility management firm and we haven’t got any clients this year .Doing my best to stay strong in God.
    God is good ,I know I got more faith than I need but sometimes I just need to see my faith . Thank for motivating and inspire 60 year-old brothers .Steve give a big shout out to the morning crew .

  24. Anything worth having is worth going through to get it. God equipped in the womb with everything we needed to survive any trial and/or tribulations. We must use what God impregnated us with which is our GIFTS! We must Fast, Pray, Meditate, and Read and study the word. We must write our visions and wake up everyday and work towards them no matter what life throws at us. God always has a ram in the bush and he always makes a way out of no way! I’m a firm believer and I self motivate everyday because I am determined to get what God has for me and willing to do whatever it takes to get there for myself as well as my family. My Chipmunks inspire me to keep going even harder everyday. #Motivation and Inspiration

  25. I believe that you will lose alot of things in life in order to receive that box. Stay on Faith street.

  26. Right on time with your massage to keep the faith I was just having that moment not dough but feeling sorry for my self by it still happening how much more , but your email pops up and I needed that reminder to stay on faith route, just trust God words he will deliver, is word is good.

  27. Amen I helped put my daughter through med school she is now board certified pediatrician and Adolescent Medicine at Milwaukee Children’s Hospital I am now getting myself qualified am qualified for mortgage I’m going to move back to Chicago and get me a condo I came here to help her with her little boy she got married she has a son and I have to stay on face Street and Lead Out Avenue alone I believe in God I believe in you Steve Harvey cuz I can relate to you you seem like a brother to me I have had a lot of hardships single parent and I never done anything for myself always did something for my children or my step-children now it’s my turn and I’m on a shoestring budget but my God has a whole lot of money and I got a whole lot of faith and I’m going to get that condominium in Chicago and I’m going to go and do everything that I dreamed I wanted to do right exercise meditate go to church being a good service to the community while I am still able and alive in Jesus name amen

  28. Thank you LORD, For Mr. Harvey! Say it Say it Mr. Steve Harvey.

  29. GM Steve
    I needed this message today. I been unemployed for two months and l was just blessed with another job. l waiting on my background check to be completed before l can start but l was starting to think what if this happens or that and l don’t get the job then your email pop up on my phone about “FAITH”.
    Steve, thank you so much for that message and keep doing what you doing.

  30. God knew I needed to hear this today.
    Thank you

  31. Your motivational comments were right on time. Thanks for sharing.

  32. Hello Steve. First I want to say thank you for this message. I normally don’t view the videos but I did this morning. I have really given up on my life. I am 48 with a good husband and 2 beautiful kids, my daughter is grown and my son is a excellent student who plays sports in Middle School. A few years ago I was in a car accident and I can’t seem to find a job. I had Full time job that I had for 7 years and lost it when I had a car accident. I went back to school in my 30’s and got my degree and every thing has gone down hill from there. Luckily my husband has a job but I don’t know how long his support is going to last for me. I have been applying for job after job an nothing. I can’t even take care of myself. I have always had a job since I was 14 and now I now I am 48 and if it wasn’t for my husband I wouldn’t have anything. I have literally given up on everything. Know one checks on me to see how I am doing family included. I have always reached out to people to just see how they are doing but absolutely nobody does the same in return. I have student loans up the waz zoo on top of other bills I just can’t pay. I often think what did I do to God? Why is he making suffer? I am going out and looking for work. I did go back to school. Just Why? I feel like I have knowone at times not even my husband to talk too. I was actually thinking of ways to kill myself, but this morning I viewed your video and it picked me up a little bit and started me to think of how can I survive. It’s a start because I am really in a dark place. All I can say is thank you for this video Steve . This is a start to my motivation to live. Thank you for this.
    Kimberly Spears
    Dover Delaware 19904

  33. Steve has been my inspiration for about 6mos now. I always hear what I need for my spirit from his vids. Other people can motivate but only with Steve can I get motivation and encouragement that feeds my soul. Thank you and don’t stop.

  34. Thanks for being such a great inspiration. l am glad you know who brings us all out of all the mess we put ourselves in
    l love love yours… one day l will sit in your audience… I am Kenya. Welcome one of these days.

  35. I just read this and it was truly an inspiration because from being out of work for nearly a year my health failing and losing my job losing my insurance so therefore I can’t go to the doctor speaking on faith and reading about faith is really what I needed today and I think Steve Harvey for his inspiring/comforting words.

  36. Dear Mr. Steve Harvey!
    Thank you so much for the incouraging words. I am a big fan of yours L. Scott. It would such a beautiful honor to meet you. My husband and myself will be married 14 years on Valentine’s day and we never had a honey moon.

  37. Thank you Steve I needed this. Stay on Faith Street. I am glad to know that my prayer is on the way and I have to wait for it to be delivered.

  38. 3 John 1:2

    Beloved, I pray you be in good health and keep the faith and prosper even as thy soul prospers! I love you Brothe Harvey, thank you for the encouragement and you be on fire for the Lord!

    I am bless, so glad at 60 I don’t look like what I been through and still going through; God always fights my balttles! I am free and it’s better than anything I faced in life!

  39. 3 John 1:2

    Beloved, I pray you be in good health and keep the faith and prosper even as thy soul prospers! I love you Brothe Harvey, thank you for the encouragement and you be on fire for the Lord!

    I am bless, so glad at 60 I don’t look like what I been through and still going through; God always fights my balttles! I am free and it’s better than anything I faced in life!

  40. This was right on time. I am on Faith Street right now. I know my package is coming! I’ve been waiting 5 years. God does not put a date on it! No one believes I have a package on the way but ME. I have no doubt and have thanked God already, repeatedly. While waiting, I’m still moving forward!!!! Thank you Steve!

  41. Dear STEVE, I first like to Thank you for all your wonderful words of encouragement. I have been though a lot last year, considering I lost my house, I have a Son trying to finish up college, and I am single parent, living from pay check to paycheck. But I will always keep the faith ,cause I know God will provide, for us

  42. Thank you Steve! I needed to hear this today!

  43. ‘When God boxes up your gift he doesn’t give you a delivery date that your gift will arrive.’ Very good example. I never thought of it that way before. I know God is with me and he has always brought me through. Weather it is heartache or pleasure he is always there for me. And I thank him daily for being by my side.


  45. Thanks Steve for your inspirational thoughts. I belong to a singing group and our motto is SPREADING HOPE THROUGH HUMOR. We are all breast cancer survivors. We have performed all over New York State and Vermont and Boston. We are a non profit group and the best payment we receive is to see the faces of those going through treatment or have been diagnosed with this terrible disease and know that for just a little while, we have made them smile. So please continue what you do bringing inspiration. In these times we are living in, it is a true blessing
    Jana Lee Cummings

  46. Good afternoon I no that’s right Mr,Harvey I no some people give up.I have stayed on the path,I won’t give up I’m going to wait patiently for my give to arrive.

  47. Thank You, May God continue to Bless You & Keep You.

  48. Amen! So True Mr. Harvey.
    That’s why love you Mr. Steve Harvey you tells the Truth.GOD Bless.

  49. I never doubt never will I let go off him never he’s always there always show up on time I have proven him over and over my god is the life that I breathe thank you Jesus

  50. i believe in the saying”god helps them,that help themselves”. thank you Mr. Harvey you have been an inspiration to me :>) jj from east tn

  51. Steve. Harvey I love your inspirational /spiritual messages and I really would NOT be surprised if you announced that you were going into the ministry! I love your show and admire the way that you connect with your audience! I also love Family Feud!

  52. Thanks Steve really going througj alot. You right a date is not given.

  53. Hi Steve, I admire most of the things about you, especially how involved you are with the public and the children. I will like to get information on how to bring your mentor program to Birmingham, Alabama. Realizing everything young man can’t attend your summer youth program so I want be an extended version of it. Please let me know if that something you will sign off on. I don’t to reinvent the wheel, only assist with keeping it spinning. Thanks I’m advance.

  54. I work for the State of Arizona for 6+ years as a Caseworker and was bully and expose to racism. I developed PSTD, high blood pressure, anxiety and panic disorder. I was on unpaid medical leave since March 6, 2018 until I resigned in July. I lost my job, health, car and relationship but I pray and trust in God that He will restore. Last Friday I was offer a Secretary II position with the City of Phoenix. Sometimes doors must close so better doors can open. Sometimes you must lose your BMW so you can get a better car, or a man after God own heart. Sometimes you must be broken so you can focus only on God.

    Steve, I watch your shows, and listen to you everyday. You inspire me and your beautiful wife because I’m a fashion designer myself. Thank you for encouraging the world.

    Love Your Biggest Fan,

    Jai Marie Pogue

  55. Thank you so much Mr Steve I really to hear that because I done jump off faith street so many times and I love to watch your tv show and listen to you on the radio because you give me inspiration thank you so much

  56. Thank you Steve Harvey you are a beautiful person you and your wife Marjorie you are always happy and positive person thank you so much I love your shows God bless you and Margie keep up the good success and work for God yours truly Evangelist Marquinette Williams’Anthony

  57. Amen let God use u Steve

  58. Wow Steve that’s a message of BOLD wittiness for our Lord!! Thanks needed to hear that ????

  59. Dear Steve. I want to say thanks. My life has a little crazy but every time . I listened to one of your speech .U remind me Why thing happened and how strong I am . I just want stay Big Thanks ….. Delores Sampson. And blessed u and Family

  60. I’ve always had trusted and believe in my faith. I’m turning 60 years old this September. So I got faith that as a single parent my job been done. I’m staying on faith street because I don’t want to leave this world in doubt about nothing. I got faith this is my best year. I’m standing on God’s word.

  61. I’m in tears listening to this truth! Im going through health and financial challenges right now. God never failed me yet! I’m gonna remain on Faith Street! Amen.

  62. Steve, I love you with all my heart, for your witness to millions of people. You continue to lift me in so many ways. I was a preacher’s daughter, then went into children’s ministry for 27 years. Also worked in a law firm for 10 years. I went through a divorce — tried for 20 years. God removed him from my life by orchestrating his leaving. Oh my, so much to tell. I lost 2 houses and sold everything I had. You are correct, God never left me! I stayed on track and He sent me the most wonderful husband- 15 years after the divorce. I asked the Lord to help me get my children up
    and put the brunt on me. Well, don’t make deals with God that you don’t mean. The 2nd thing I asked Him was not to bring any man in my path that would not be the one you had for me. Well, after i was content, here he comes, someone I had known for over 40 years. His wife passed and we connected!!! Long story! By the way, I said I would not marry again nor marry a preacher. Well….. don’t tell God what you will not do. Pray for me as I continue to pray for my personal ministry. I sub in schools. Love it. These kids need love and acceptance. Lord gave me 2 promises: Joshua chapter 1- He trains us to
    Help people find rest on the other side of the Journey. Then Acts 26:13-16. Stand up for I will show you things you can tell others. Better stop! I hope to meet you one day.

  63. Very well said stay on faith street

  64. Praise God I needed to hear this AGAIN !! Thank You!! Steve for sending this out!!! Again!! I am staying on top of faith street!!!

  65. You’re a good man Steve Harvey.
    Thank your I enjoy your show

  66. Thank you Steve – That Message was so on point!!! My family love watching your shows, and my 84 year mom love love Family Fued!! Keep Up The Good Works!!!

  67. Amen! I love your comments on email and FB about Jesus. I can’t get your TV show and I am sorry it isn’t on mainline TV. So needed. Keep telling the people about Jesus. We need him now more than ever before.
    I just turned 80 yesterday and I am very young. I know Jesus and what my journey has been. I am now doing some writing about my journey with him and I hope to share that with others. As you said, HE has NEVER let us down. I have been through a lot and Jesus has always been there but maybe in his timing, not mine. That is a good learning lesson. Exploring our journey as it can teach you so much about ourselves. God has given us the best gift of all and we need to share that. So thank you Jesus that you, Steve know Jesus and that he has seen you through a right journey for you and that you are in a place to share it with so many. Not sure you read these notes but I will pray that you keep telling others about Jesus, no matter what. God bless you Steve, Phyllis

  68. Thanks so much for this. I am at a cross road with my business and giving up on my coaching basketball as a head coach at a private school in Virginia. Reading this has enlighten me to keep the faith and to keep pushing forward towards my goals and dreams. God bless.

  69. Thank you God bless you

  70. This right here Bless me this morning, I needed a reminder of Gods grace, mercy and His favor this morning. Sometimes we get so caught up in our current situation and doubt and fear lurks around waiting to enter. We say we have faith, but truly living in it …… is a whole another level.
    I thank God for using you, for reminding me to stay on faith Street.

  71. Love it! So very true. Thanks Steve.

  72. Steve is right. God moves thru faith. We give up too quickly.

  73. Then I truly messed up and I know better. You know ask God for something then doing something foolish to try and fix it myself. I knew that after I did it I blwe it. I got on my knees immediately to ask For forgiveness. Crazy right. Foolish me. I’m too embarrassed to say what it was, but trust to know I need to pray about what have I done with my faith and trust in Him who loves me most of all.

  74. Thanks for the word God Bless you y’all

  75. God never promises he will give us everything we ask for in prayer. We need to have FAITH and trust God. We all make a scared commitment with God and here on earth we forget about our commitment to God. I truly believe it is the mistakes I have made in life that have made me faithful to God. God never failed me I failed God many times in life. I always wanted to be in control of my heart, body, mind, soul and spirit and I forgot that I am on this journey in life for God’s purpose not my for own selfish purpose. It took failing over and over in life to surrender to God’s will. I have a rare incurable cancer Multiple Myeloma and I am thankful for this cancer as it has made me a better person. If it weren’t for getting this cancer I may never have found out I was born with a rare incurable immune deficiency. I thank God for the women I am because I know God has a purpose for me and I love God, I trust God and I live life for God’s purpose not my own selfish reasons. I use my life everyday for God’s purpose and I pray each day that God uses me to touch the lives of many people. My Oncologists at Cancer Treatment of America in Chicago tell me all the time, I am an amazing women so full life and energy and always happy. I tell my Doctors I am blessed what more can I say. Therefore I remain on Faith Street waiting for my next assignment.

  76. I just want to thank you so much, I know … … ,
    Thank you !! {With all “Due” respect, I Love you}
    I look forward to my mornings @ 6:00 so that I can hear ; What words of encouragement you have to say. I Love the Fact that You use Yourself as an Example, However what I Love the Best is that, You are aware And You “Always” use GOD. { If I can stay honest ; That’s What Makes me Love You Even More.} I am very much aware that ….. , Only “GOD” IS PERFECT !!
    Steve, There’s so much more that I would like to say However …. , …. …. …… … , Yet I keep thinking about that leap. {SMH} Thanks again and my GOD stay with and continue to bless you and your ; Radio staff and your extended family. GOD knows that I mean that from my heart, plus with all due respect, although …. , Yet … , GOD knows each and every One Heart.
    I’m sorry for getting long-winded, but thanks for letting me share. Enjoy the rest of your day.

  77. I love you, Steve and your BEAUTIFUL wife Marjorie.
    I jumped and I have fallen.
    By the grace of God, I will get up!
    Blessings to you and your family.

  78. U are a true inspiration for me Mr Harvey. I’ve learned alot from you. From the show to the clip on family feud talking about our Lord and Savior. Thank u and God bless u and all your endeavors.

  79. That statement is so true. You can not doubt, you have to believe its going to happen and it will. Think of good things and you will get good things. Your mind is powerful. What ever you think about for a prolonged period will come to you, bad or good. It’s as if you are asking God for the things that you are thinking because you are. God will give you what ever you ask for, like Steve say, it may not be right away. If you keep believing and having faith you will get it. You have a conscious mind and a subconscious mind, the conscious mind grabs a thought and the subconscious mind (God)goes out and get and put it in action. You are what you have thought about to this point. If you do not like what you are, change your thoughts. Thoughts are real just like the air you breath, both are real but you cant see either. You cant stop the thoughts from streaming all around you, but you can control them. Think of positive things, like perfect health, love, joy, peace, happiness , abundance and prosperity. You get a negative thought, replace it right away with a positive one. The positive one overrules the negative one. Have a blessed day. I have been waiting to get this out to people, maybe it will help someone. I have been studying this for years. I am 70 years young.

  80. Greetings:

    Mr. Steve Harvey; “You are awesome!
    I’m not trying to flatter you; I just want to share with you what I believe is the truth. At this moment, my heart is rejoicing to see and hear you moving in your God-given Gift possessed from birth. and that is to PREACH. Everyone knows that you have a gift to make people laugh and you do so very well. However, you also have the gift to PREACH and all you have to do is do it out of your heart. I solely agree with you; you don’t need to go to school when God gives you a gift; for he sends the Holy Ghost who is your Teacher. All we must do is to study the Word to show ourselves approve of God. Moreover, The Holy Ghost will bring all things to our remembrance. As a result, our job is to put the Word in our hearts so we have something for the Holy Ghost to bring to our remembrance. You don’t even have to know the whole Bible; you just need an anointed Word from God. Your video on “Faith,” is a prime example. Amen.
    Remember Noah, he didn’t have a Bible, for there were no Bibles in his time. Noah only had a transcripts that prophets who was inspired by God, written God’s Word on some kind of stone or material. Yet, Noah had a Word from God; to warn the people that it;s going to rain, which he preached for many years; it’s going rain.
    My purpose for this comment is just to encourage you to continue about your Father’s who is God’s business; win the lost , lift faith, uplift the down trodden, strengthen those who are weak and feeble in God. Most importantly, PREACH THE GOSPEL which is the Word of God. As God’s vessel you will cause many men, women, boys and girls to laugh but with the joy of the Lord, which is our strength. AMEN!
    REMEMBER “Many are called but few are chosen.” Steve you have been chosen by God. You are awesome!. love in Christ
    Candy Watkins

  81. I am wactching now please send a ticket for me I nerver been

  82. Amen, Steve! Keep shining -Lola ! ????❤????

  83. That is so right. Thank you Steve for putting me on the right track.

  84. my name is carlos i’m 65 yrs. old 40 of those yrs. as a heroin addict notting work for me i enter a christian rehab in 2009-2011 this year makes 9yrs. clean only by the GRACE and MERCY of my LORD and SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST only he could take this madness away i always felt like the man at the well always making excuses you have inspired me so much with your motivational speeches that i know you speaking to me i believe now that GOD wakes me up each morning because he’s not thru with me BROTHER THERE’S NOT ENOUGH SPACE TO REALLY SAY THANK YOU PEACE AND BLESSING ALWAYS TO YOU AND FAMILY

  85. Thank you so much this couldn’t have come at a better time I need my son to here this.

  86. This was a very powerful message that only hit home for many reasons but brought me to tears, and reminded me that know matter how ruff my journey has been for the last two years that “God didn’t bring me this far to drop me off in the middle of nowhere.” Thank you Steve Harvey for this motivational message.

  87. Mr. Steve Harvey. I’m a 59 year old widow who had to rebuild my entire life. I was not use to jumping anything. Lol But I believe that I wasn’t in a setback situation. So I asked him for a house I was losing the martial one because I couldn’t afford it now. God gave me a house as a home owner again in a home I could afford. I lost my cars. God gave me nice cars to replace them. I lost my husbands working income but God gave me widows pension that put me back into a comfortable lifestyle. You have to know God will. It took me over 4 years to receive my widow income the paper work took forever to get completed. I wish others would know his greatness and trust him through the good and the not so good. God bless you and your family.

  88. Ive just reunited with GOD in past year and have asked for some little things. This is a big thing for me for timelimit to start production of my invention.. I honestly think its time i really could use help along with my prayers..
    Their waiting for me to come thru i just dont want it to be another failure a see someone steal my idea. Thank you cheryl palmer

  89. Thank you Steve!
    I am enjoying your video.
    and praise the lord

  90. Every time I hear Steve speak his motivated he make me start to thing I have to keep my faith because in 2017 I hurt my hand on the job so my hand is wrap up in ace bandage and in a grip I have a nervous damage in my hand. I can’t make a fist I can’t move my hand but my thumb every day I’m in pain I can’t find job because of my hand. Like Steve said I have to keep the faith that I get my hand back to normal that all I want but soon I will have pain relief when I have the spinal cord stimulated I just hope I get relief from the pain in my hand if I just wait on the gift from God.


  92. Powerful message

  93. Thank you, Mr. Harvey I really needed to be remined to REMAIN ON FAITH STREET. It get hard sometime trying to remain still and letting God do as he promise. You are an inspired to so many. Encouraging us not to give up. We are living in times now that we as an nation need to hear the word of the Lord. To let us know that we are not in this along. Thank you and please continue spreading the good new about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

  94. Steve, my signal was on to turn to doubt it boulevard. GPS rerouted me to check my email and this newsletter with your message pops up out of nowhere in my inbox. Thank you. Let me be honest, even as a devout Christian, keeping the faith can get hard. You’re so real and honest and genuine. You don’t paint a picture, you capture it in real form. Your message motivated me at a needed time. I carry a lot of weight on my shoulders. Staying strong for everyone else but no one for the strong one to lean on. You reminded me in this moment that my leaning post is God. Thank you for providing the message regarding the package from UPS, as God’s UNIQUE PERSONAL SERVANT.

  95. God bless you Steve. I was supposed to get this post from you and I listened and it was talking to me. I mean to say God is speaking to me through you. God bless you, Hallelujah???????? God bless you!!???????????????????????? Mrs Aj retired nurse ????????

  96. Awesome steve its so true i moved off of faith n the petson who was standing there recieved my gift. So i feel horrible because of it.

  97. Thank you Steve. I am sitting here in tears because I know for sure that God has never let me down. Been through foreclosure, unemployment, divorce, domestic violence and being used by my family for money/credit. God has carried me when I wanted to give up on everything and everybody…. loved me when I didn’t love myself. I’ve learned some hard lessons which have help to guide me back to Faith Street when I’m doubtful and insecure. We listen to you every morning on the radio. You a such an inspiration to my 14 year old twin boys. It is so important that they hear positive and uplifting words from a black man. Hoping they can make it to your camp this summer.
    God bless you.

  98. Love your prospective!

  99. This was very inspirational, it’s so easy to get distracted, question & wonder why I’m not where I want to be especially when I fight/ study my hardest I never thought it would be easy but Lord knows I didn’t prepare myself for the struggle to be so hard. One scripture I had to put in my restroom to see everyday is I will walk by faith even when I cannot see. I know my purpose & calling is to be a nurse. I’ve been a medical assistant since I was 19, I’m currently 36 & I made an A, B, C & 2 Ds not realizing w/o maintaining a C average I was dismissed. I said the devil is a liar so I appealed then I had a hearing. I had to wait a few days Just to be told I was denied. We say timing is everything & the last thing I wanted to do is be in school at 40 years old. So believe me I’m not quitting I’m going to let God put some more air up in my Parachute until I land where he wants me. Steve Harvey said before,”why would he bring you this far to leave you now!” Thank you got this video.

  100. Hi Steve. I enjoyed this. This is a true statement. Keep up the good work. This type of motivation is much needed. You never know who just may need a word. God bless you.

  101. Amen! Check my spam & saw this. I take it as God speaking to me.

  102. Thank you, I needed the reminder

  103. I love you Steve thanks so much yes I move out of faith and I need to do better so I thank you again for your message may God bless you.

  104. Thank you for all that you do to lift the spirit of people. You are so right, God will not operate in doubt and unbelief. Keep faith alive. People must learn to know the difference between God and. Money. You must have the true, one and only Heavenly Father and the true Son of God. He has given names to call him and it’s not God
    One of his names is Jehovah and you have to call his son’s name that was given to you, Jesus Christ. You can’t do whatever you want and expect a blessing from him. When you repent, you must have Godly sorrow because all sins are done against the Lord and against the Lord only have these things been done. A God can be anything or anybody. Give him his proper and due respect and believe with all your heart and see the difference in your walk with him.

  105. I’m with you Steve, on Faith Street. I believe I believe.

  106. I really needed to hear this. Its just i feel GOD is trying to do something different with me. I’ve been going thru storm after storm and Im really trying my best to find my way out. Thank you all for the motivation.

  107. Make it plain Uncle Steve! Keep on lifting Him up and letting be known who our source is! This message just blessed my soul.

  108. All am a say is i needed to hear this???????????????? thank you Mr Harvey. God bless you always and the work ur doing.

  109. Good Morning, Thank you for ur motivation message for the past five years I really never knew if I would be able to restart my life over I lost my best friend, my companion am just really just now figuring out what I want to do with myself which is open a business listening to ur motivation message daily and watching ur shows has really assist me I thank God for you having individuals like and ur wife, for sound advice very helpful. I still have a long road ahead of me but am willing to jump towards success one day at a time.

  110. This message about faith came at the right time, keep them coming Steve.

  111. Steve I used to listen to you every morning ! God gave me a promotion that I was not at the same job anymore. I do miss listening to you motivated speaking! This is a great thing because now on email. It’s was a little black radio in and stock room up at 5am-12pm. But now I can listen anytime! One time you were taking about millionaires of the Bible. I can find my notes ! What was the author of the books please! I don’t know if anyone will get this if God put this in your pathway today send it! God bless you and yours.

  112. Amen Steve god is good. He may not come when we want him but he’s always right on time.

  113. I am at Faith Street. I haven’t left.

  114. […] One of my favorite TV personalities is Steve Harvey and he said it best in one of his Motivation segments on his TV show. Watch it below or read about it on his site here. […]

  115. God promised never to leave me alone. During
    Every negative situation in my life he has
    Strategically placed one of his angels beside me to see me through. With him I remain victorious
    And receive his grace. He is truly my best friend.
    I love the Lord and I hope and pray that my family and friends my neighbors even my
    Enemies know him as I do.

  116. Thank you for that cause I was starting to feel really bad about my self

  117. Thank you I really needed to hear that.
    Thank you for your positive words and for always helping and uplifting others.

  118. I love the faith street motivation speech. Your message moves me.
    Thank you.

  119. This resonates with me so much. It’s what I try to bring my little Facebook group as I fight cancer. God has paved the way for me to help make things as easy as possible. He has put people and experiences in my path to help. It is my job to be His shining light so that I can motivate and encourage I like to think that I am doing His will and being the best disciple that I can.

  120. I love this and let’s join our faith together and trust God for His healing. Let’s remember that healing is His nature

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