Celebrity Family Feud

OH MY! Here’s how Chrissy Teigen and John Legend Met!

Celebrity Family Feud

When Steve Harvey asked Chrissy Teigen how she and John Legend met, he wasn’t expecting her to say THIS!

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  1. Hello Mr. Harvey, I pray all is great for you and your family. My question is this. I was at my best male friend’s funeral when another male friend who looked at me and said this, “You the man,” to this deceased male friend before he died. What exactly does ” You the man ” mean and why not say you are an extraordinary woman? I asked him the meaning and he couldn’t tell me. Steve, you and I could become partners if you wrote a book about the differences in the language between men and women. I’m 72yrs young, married 26yrs young, widowed for a long time and still to this day confused about some of the stuff he said. It would help both sides. I have so many questions to ask you. And I know this will help so many people better understand. Like they say, Make It Plain, oh this is a good title. Thank you in advance Mr. Harvey.

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