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I knew I was going to marry Marjorie the second I saw her.

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  1. Cute!!

  2. You and Marjorie were meant to be. I really love the story of how you two got together. God made it happened. And look at you too now. You are so happy and in love and she is too.

    What a Perfect Match 🦋

  3. What made you know Marjorie was the one, what did you see or feel?

  4. I loved the animated video. 🥰

  5. I just love Marjorie! I also have watched you STEVE for a long time. I loved your show on TV and am sad it is no longer on 🙁 I also loved you on Little Big Shots. You were so great with all the kids and it was fun seeing you interact with them.
    I love seeing you and Marjorie together. You can see how much in love you both are and what a beautiful blended family you have. ❤️❤️❤️

  6. Love happens in so many different ways

  7. If things happen just like that , knowing that it’s God ‘s favor, divine appointment, god’s plan for your life to move on different direction. You’ ll be Inpiration to me when l read about you and watch your motivated show . May rhexLord inspire you the more to change Lives.
    Sincerely yours Adole.

  8. Wrong word, need correction. I meant May the
    Lord inspire you the more to change Lives.

  9. Oh my word! This is precious and I’ve heard this testimony from a Pastor in Bloomington, Illinois. He said the same thing to this gal at ISU years ago, and they married…been married and have children and now grandchildren. What a great blessing. Their church is called Integrity Ministries out of Bloomington, Illinois!

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