Brotherly Advice Part 2 | Steve Harvey Stories

My brother gave me the smoothest advice on getting a girl. Here’s part 2. Let me know what you think in the comments.

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  1. I love it miss steve so much ???????????? that you come back on TV soon

  2. Steve,YoU Don’t ‘KNoW’ ‘ME’… But, My Name is: ‘Michael L. Lane’, “THE ‘BEST’ ‘POET’ of The 20th Century; Voted iN, By (((‘THE’ ‘NATIONAL’ ‘LIBRARY’ OF ‘POETRY’;))), ‘AMERICA’ AT THE ‘MELLENNIUM’. I Have Written A Book,’Entitled’, “The Sexiest Romance Poetry Ever Written” . I would gladly give YoU 5% of All Sales, For Your Endorcement of the Book…`The MORE ‘SOLD’… `THE ‘MORE’ ‘YOU’ ‘MAKE’. ‘READ’ OVER MY ‘TRANSCRIPT’,& IF ‘YOU’ THINK THE WORLD WOULD BE A BETTER PLACE, BECAUSE OF IT,& YOU WOULD LIKE TO ENDORCE IT,PLEASE, GET BACK IN TOUCH…I COULD EVEN BE, A ‘GUEST’ ON YOUR ‘SHOW’!????

  3. Thanks you are a eye opener i praise God

  4. lol made my day thank you I really needed a laugh today

  5. I want the part 3 man

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