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You have to take the stairs in life.

There’s no elevator to the top! You have to take the stairs in life. Sometimes in order to get the life of convenience, you have to deal with being uncomfortable.

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  1. I love inspiration, achievement and motivation..Steve, you do this so well..without any of the three, I cant imagine where I would be in life..Thank God for you….

  2. Hello Mr Steve Harvey I always watch your shows and I love all of the am from south Africa….I wish that one day I will also receive help from you like you do to others am very inspire and motivated by you…am a young single mother and am struggling a lot but I have faith that one day God will provide…..I love you and your family. Gob bless you Mr steve I won’t give up will always keep praying hoping that one day I will get a chance to share my story and get help thank you so much

  3. It took weeks to search for the info you have mentioned previously and it’s a genuine blessing to find someone
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