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  1. love you Steve, you are really an inspirational man

  2. I just got a reason to believe even more at what i do #age17 and believing

  3. Hi, Steve! I hope all is well. I just wanted to say Thank You! I appeared on the Tyra Banks episode of the Steve Harvey show on NBC in April, 2018. I’m sorry the show was canceled, but I’m very grateful that I had the opportunity. The life-changing messages I received really impacted me. Since then, I’ve worked on overcoming my guilt, shame and fear and started pursuing my goals. For years I’ve made my own personal care products, and secretly wrote jokes, based on my painful past. I was too afraid, because of my lack of education, to present myself, or my ideas to anyone. In June, on Father’s Day Sunday, 2019, I performed my first stand-up comedy show and it went great. I got laughs about being mixed and made fun of as a kid, and for the differences I pointed out between black & white people. And I’ve been perfecting my formulations to industry standards, which are now ready to be brought to a lab for production (Vegan conditioner, shampoo, pomade, and deodorant). I’m working on my business strategy and even though I don’t have a college degree (I tried), I’m not letting that stop me any longer. Sometimes I get scared and insecure, but I think about my visions, and I know what I see in my mind, is that preview from God, showing me what I can achieve, if I don’t give up. I’m keeping the faith. God didn’t bring me this far to drop me in hot grease, right? Thanks so much, Steve. You changed my thinking. Love to you & your wife & kids. You have blessed us all by doing what YOU do. God bless you. I am available for further comment, if anyone is interested. Have you thought of following up with those whose lives you have touched? You should. I’m sure there are many great stories out there. Thank You! Best Regards, -Sanyo

  4. Love you how do I no my tian in live hope I get to see you soon I live in Alabama May God bless you ???? Paul Johnson

  5. Hi Uncle Steve ????. I just wanted to say thanks for your inspirational words. I would love to come on your show if you invite me because I can’t afford it at the moment. It will be a great honor to meet you one day. God bless you ???? and keep up with the good works.

  6. Aman I hope they are Listening to you
    Donna Brown has a GP

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