Parenting Tip: Yelling Vs Whispering

Is yelling at your kids is unnecessary?

I asked my audience two questions: “How many thought it was ok to yell at their kids?” And “How many thought yelling at their kids is unnecessary?” For those who didn’t, I told them they are going to catch hell 馃榿馃槀I don’t know how I could’ve raised my kids without yelling!

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  1. Mr Stiv Harvey, u r just the beeeeest.
    I hope u keep ur talk show till ur last day on this earth. U r sooo fricking loaded with wisdom…..I could have the worst day, I watch u and I forget my troubles

  2. I just want to say how much I enjoy your show and your words of wisdom. I鈥檝e read that your show might be canceled and can鈥檛 believe it! You are such a funny, wise and all around good guy! They need more morning shows like yours not less.

    1. Pretty good show!!
      Keep up add YouTube.
      I would subscribe.

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