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God takes you just the way you are.

Perfection doesn’t exist, we all fall short in something. God takes you just the way you are. He took an old hoodlum dude like me and saved me. Now, I’m not that “washed white as snow version” of a Christian. I didn’t get that version. I just got rinsed off. When I got saved, I still had dirt on me. You can be an imperfect person and have a relationship with God. If you’re struggling and looking for a way out, talk to God.

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  1. I pray every day for my family we been blessed with a car that we slept in everyday now we have payments getting ready to be do and I have no way of paying it and also just been blessed with a house that’s been gutted out now I need an eletrican to finish the electric hook up s and plumber I have 2 infants and a wife that I try my best help with everyday but I feel like I’m failing them by not having much to fix it all. We’re running low on food and u I have the type of family members that care more on talking about you I stead of congraudlting us and coming to help put a hammer and nails to work.

  2. I’m a Christian and save since I was 13 I had some stuff in my life that is beyond what What some could not overcome God has been good to me and bless me with 3 beautiful boys ninteen Grant it the house my job In 2017 and since then I have had so much trouble finding a job and I don’t know why the hard worker I’m oil Loyal and I have good references but I can’t find a job and I’ve lost everything I just don’t know what else to do I know God has a plan for me how do I know what it is and how do I keep one going when I have nothing left

  3. Was so compelling I had no alternative but to post on my Facebook page!

  4. Jesus came for the sick. He took on all our sin so we could have relationship. He intercedes to the Father for us. What did Jesus say when they brought the woman caught in adultry? Let he who is without sin cast the first stone AMEN?! Love you brother in Christ, thanks for keeping it real!♡

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