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Styling With Will | How To Build Your Summer Wardrobe

I'm excited to introduce my new digital series "Styling With Will."

You’ve heard me say “Blue Cheese, cause I be dressing.” Now you get to meet the man who is behind my wardrobe. I’m here with Will and we’re talking about summer looks for men and how to build your wardrobe.

The first thing you need to do is purge your wardrobe, update and replace your classic looks. What do you need for summer? Definitely a pair of white jeans and dark jeans, sandals, and a nice pair of canvas sneakers.

Summer fragrances, eye wear and more. It’s all here. Oh, yeah this is going to be good. Have questions for Will? Drop them in the comments.

Will has been my personal stylist for years and now he’s giving tips on what to wear on job interviews, going out, and keeping you on trend with the latest styles.

Shop the look here:

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