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Styling With Will | How To Build Your Summer Wardrobe

I'm excited to introduce my new digital series "Styling With Will."

You’ve heard me say “Blue Cheese, cause I be dressing.” Now you get to meet the man who is behind my wardrobe. I’m here with Will and we’re talking about summer looks for men and how to build your wardrobe.

The first thing you need to do is purge your wardrobe, update and replace your classic looks. What do you need for summer? Definitely a pair of white jeans and dark jeans, sandals, and a nice pair of canvas sneakers.

Summer fragrances, eye wear and more. It’s all here. Oh, yeah this is going to be good. Have questions for Will? Drop them in the comments.

Will has been my personal stylist for years and now he’s giving tips on what to wear on job interviews, going out, and keeping you on trend with the latest styles.

Shop the look here:

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  1. Steve, I’m a huge and I like your fashion but on the circumstances I’m under right now. I can’t afford your clothes plus I’m getting married next year. I would to hopefully own one of suites for my my wife’s big day. Your fan Mike

  2. I love royal blue suit in Belk for men it is off the change. I need help with a scholarship for college so I can go back get master’s degree. I like every suit you wear and more. Steve Harvey who is behind my wardrobe is the styling but Steve Harvey have the best entertainment show on televisions host, producer, radio personality, actor and author .I enjoy it any time I look at you make my day go real fast I understand everything that you put out to the public.

  3. Love it, really nice items.

  4. I thought the style has color,it also look relaxing to wear and you want to flip the script.

  5. You have very beautiful colors and something different and white jean on a man is very sexually and you have the right shoes that you can were with everything keep doing what you love and god bless you and Mr Harvey

  6. BLUE CHEESE…you’ve got the right man for the job! And all this time, I thought Marjorie was your stylist! Just goes to show you what I don’t know!

  7. Soo this is why Mr. Harvey have been looking soo stylist! & what Mr. Will had on at the end of the interview with the green shirt was nice bright but well put together! Can’t wait to see the show!

  8. This is long overdue!????

  9. Hello Will and Steve,

    I like the clean polish look. Will is obviously very fashionable and know his stuff ????. I Enjoyed this segment can’t wait for the next . ????????????????????????????????

  10. Very smart, I’m getting married in 3 months I live in Capetown SA… is it possible that you can help a brother.. kind regards.

  11. […] Questions about summer looks for men and how to build your wardrobe. Catch up and watch episode 1 here. […]

  12. Impeccable taste , and always outstanding attire!
    Now, on the real side, I bet Marjorie has a significant input in all of this….right!

  13. LOl!

  14. These things are really nice and will love to see it on my son. Unfortunately we have no money.i am a single mother. Anyway my son name is Will too. Thanks Steve and Will for having me look at them. I wish you guys God blessing.

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