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Rapid Fire with Steve Harvey: Comedy, Retirement and His Mustache

During commercial breaks I take the most random questions and answer.

Rapid fire questions from my Family Feud audience! During commercial breaks I take the most random questions and answer. I think you guys are going to really enjoy this! I mean who asks a question like “Steve, what’s your best mustache tips” ????????

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  1. You are so REAL Steve Harvey and I enjoy seeing you and your BEAUTFUL wife(Margarey)together, You give me hope at my age of 75 to keep modeling. Thank you!!

  2. Mr. Harvey I really enjoy you. You’re a realist you keep it real tell people not what they want to hear but the plain and open truth. You seems so happy at thus point with your wife and what you doing. Truly happy for you keep inspiring us.

    Keep the Blessing of God flowing.

  3. You say you have no other skill sets, other then telling jokes!
    Well by the look on your wife’s face when she looks at you , tell me you have more skill sets that your letting us know!

  4. I have a question? I went out with a guy I really liked,we went out for appetizers had a really good time had a lot in common he walked me to my car kiss me good night and then left.
    Next day I got a text he says although we got along really really well I met someone before you and I would like to see where that goes I hope you understand.
    I text him back and I say I do understand you’re a great catch thanks for being honest he writes me back again and says would you mind if I kept your number in case it doesn’t work out how do you feel about that

  5. Please tell Steve and Marjorie, God bless them. I’m so inspired by their life and work. Tell Steve he saves my life every single day. I’m sure Im not the only one. I love them like if they were my family. Praying God will keep you, and protect you from the evil of this world. I love you.

  6. I love Steve Harvey, Many Blessings.
    I wish I could attend the Vault Conference in LA. Unfortunately I cannot afford this trip. Have a Confernce.

  7. Very funny. He always says the best things!

  8. My name is Patricia I am 62 years old I’ve been having a business for 5 years and you still on the lower level I cream factory and I try to get a loan to pay for my gas and stuff but I couldn’t get it because I’m too old to get a room alone standing my credit ain’t that good and I’m trying to make it day by day it’s just me doing the work but I never give up

  9. I look forward to seeing you on tour, and saying WHATSoevea you want to say????

  10. Man you are one funny dude my grand kids gets mad when they come over & you on lol,they granny watching her Stevie boi & walkout I’ve had several dreams of meeting you in person sure hope it comes true

  11. Steve..all I can say is you are funny, good humor with words and so am I. I inherited it from my beloved Mom, who is in heaven but I know she puts words and thoughts in my mind that she would say or make up. When I say things usual, I look towards heaven and say, “Frances you’ll bothering me again” or tell those Frances made me say or do that.

  12. You see me sy

  13. Steve should run for president. Hardest working man in the entertainment business. You inspire people to be better, want more and except nothing less.

  14. Steve, you are definitely in the right profession. You are naturally funny and it just flows. My special gift is poetry. I’ve been writing since I was a very young child. Here is one I’d like to share with you titled:

    “Bestowing A Blessing”

    May the wind be always at your back
    and weather not against your face…
    May the angels of heaven surround you
    with God’s loving and amazing grace…

    May the sun shine always upon you
    and blind yet not the soul…
    May God’s spirit forever be with you
    as your faith in Him unfolds…

    May the raindrops be a blessing
    as a need when they must fall…
    May you dwell upon God’s promises
    for He made them to us all…

    May the storms be yet a source of peace
    and make their purpose clear…
    May you build upon a temple
    to keep your Savior forever near…

    Written by: Jacquie Bell

  15. Mr. Steve Harvey I am one of your biggest fans I like watching all of your shows. The outstanding leadership you show while hosting “FAMIY FEUD”, Motivates and Inspires, me to complete my vision of owning a Childcare Facility. The great impression you personify; in the show appears that you are a “Fantastic Role Model ” for young children and to mention the show “Little Big Shots”, your qualities encourage me to carry on accomplishing a long lasting goal of my dream interacting with loyalty as a great “DIRECTOR ” over a group of small minds.

  16. I created a Musical Reality Show bigger and better than “American Idol and “The Voice” I would love for Steve Harvey to look at it. We share a mutual friend.

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