Rapid Fire With Steve Harvey: Coming to America, Jeopardy, Omega Psi Phi, and Gluten-Free Foods

Rapid fire questions from my Family Feud audience! During commercial breaks, I take the most random questions and answer.

This episode I answer a bunch of crazy questions that you won’t believe people asked 馃ぃ馃榿馃槀
Do I like Mac & Cheese? My doctor recently took me off of gluten, I ended up on a rant about gluten-free foods. I had gluten-free mac & cheese, one-word tri-fuh-ling!! 馃ぃ馃榿馃槀

What game shows do I like? I got sick once and watched Jeopardy for two weeks straight and never got a single answer right 馃ぃ馃榿馃槀

Why do Omegas go crazy over the song ‘Atomic Dog?’ I don’t know what to tell you, it is what it is 馃ぃ馃榿馃槀

What movies do I like? I love ‘Brave Heart.’ I like gangster movies, Godfather 1, 2, and 3 is big for me. ‘American Gangster,’ ‘Training Day,’ ‘Heat,’ ‘Casino’… I like hood movies. The best comedy movie ever is ‘Coming to America.’ The most laughs I’ve ever had watching a movie. 馃槀馃槀

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  1. Steve Harvey is a gift to planet Earth. he has been a source of inspiration to me and many others who have never had the opportunity to meet him especially those of us from Africa. may God almighty’s continue to bless him with wisdom and good health.

  2. Hi mr Steve am Charles kalisa living in United Arab emirate am dreaming to join your show one day as God will

  3. I just don’t eat anything without gluten. I don’t eat gluten. There’s lots of food to eat out there. It does help to be a picky eater. Now, I haven’t checkecked out peas or beans as I love pea and bacon soup and bean and ham hock soup is known to white people as poor white people’s soup. My boyfriend many years ago was going to make me soul food. When it came to poke salad I asked him why are you ruining such good dandelions for? With a quizzical look at me he asked what do you mean? We need
    to make dandeline wine, I told him. He looked at the meal and said, I’m going to have to figure out a different soul food meal for you, but I will bet you had it as you were growing up.

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