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Take the pressure off yourself and relax.

Ladies, men are built to hunt. We go online looking for you, on tinder, the bar, the club, even at church cause we hunt. That’s what we do.

All you need to do is go online and announce that you’re available. You’re not online to hunt, it’s just that simple. Put a current picture (not the one from 20 years ago) on your profile. Stop with the catfishing ????????????Quit swiping, and then getting mad cause someone swiped back.

If you don’t know where to start, get set up with Bela Gandhi’s Smart Dating Academy. Online dating is really okay. Be flexible, you never know where your soulmate is. When I first met Marjorie, she lived 1,400 miles from me. I hunted her down like a dog. ????????????I’m a man, that’s what we do. Take the pressure off yourself and relax.

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  1. Well steve I need help, I’ve dated so many man in the past and I’ve been so hurt and used I have a “all men are the same mentality” it’s because I just been through so much and I just want someone for me but everytime I talk to a guy he ends up being like everyone else. Please I’d like to just come on your show and pick a guy like the bachelorette lmao but I know that’s not how it works, I just want to love again since it’s been so long.

  2. Steve…. Steve… Steve…. other than S.O.S and waving a white flag , I’m not sure what more I can do to find a decent man. I have a few boxes that are must have but those shouldn’t be hard to come by, but for some reason they are. One would think that respect for humanity and diversity, inclusion, integrity , compassion and passion, dedication commitment and belief . My kids are all grown , and I think it’s my turn to find happiness and love , heck 51 is the new 40 isn’t ?

  3. Steve,
    I need some advice. I am 56 years old and can’t find a guy that wants a relationship. They don’t want to talk on the phone, they just want to text. Some just want to be intimate. It is hard to find a guy that wants to date much less a relationship. I have been looking for that special guy for a long time. I am tired of being alone. I want to find my life partner and share life with them. I never thought I would be living a life alone. I can’t take being alone any more. I need help in finding that special guy I am seeking. I need your help.
    Thank you – Meg

  4. Thank you!! Steve Harvey I love you and everything you do!

  5. I have updated pictures but how do I look through 300 men?? Please tell me?,

  6. 300 men ALL across the State of Florida and the USA WHAT? I have like 8 recent photos! Please tell me Mr. #Steveharvey how in the world do I just wait? Been single since 2018. Been divorced since 2010. I am wifey material?? I don’t know how to date?

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