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Read The Scriptures And Hustle

To be a success, you must hustle everyday and keep God in your life.

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  1. I love how uplifting you are ❤️ Thank you for your continued kindness for others (& laughs). Me & my momma love us some Harvey. I don’t share much of my life anymore with people bc there’s few I can trust but you inspire me to love & be loved & to challenge myself to be great & grateful. I forget to be thankful & joyful when I’m struggling with chronic medical issues & sometimes all I need is a positive scripture or positive words, I thank you for that. Love ya From AZ.

    1. Just woke up from a Dream here AT about 12:30am. I dreamt I went to an event that Steve Harvey was hosting it was an event where people audition to be the best at something. I went with someone and I actually did not qualified to be there but my faith brought me through the Door. I had all white on so when I got in there the girl I came in with went her own way with her audition sheet and went and set some where else so as the workers walk around and gave out welcome package they gave me one so I proceeded to asked the lady if i could audition although i did not qualified but I came with someone Who do. She stated to go back to the front and get the registration sheet and register. So when i went back the lady said I got a feeling you are the one. Your outfit matches what we are looking for. But before i made it back I face some obstacles but I got back right at the end and the ladies said i could go ahead and audition. I spoke with so much authority in my dream with motivational spoken Word. That them women that were the judge and Steve Harvey was so amaze and said this is the one. Boy it felt so real and my faith is here. Like you I believe that God can do everything and one day I am going to meet Steve and he will connect with me andvhe will be apart of my journey on where God is taking me. My dream felt so real and powerful that when I woke up I felt like a change women back on the right path I have been motivated again. God bless you Steve Harvey! In the name of Jesus I will meet you one day.

  2. I love you show. “The Steve Harvey Show” is a show close to my heart. My mother looked at your show religiously before she died. She loved his honest, positive and spiritual view on life. I pray that I become as God loving as my mother was. Currently, I am going through a rough time in life , but I know that God will never leave me nor forsake me . I hold on to this promise from God daily.
    Thank you Steve!!

  3. I Thank you Steve for all you do for people’s. I love you and your wife I suffer from kidney disease I wish that one day soon God will send me a donor but until then I’m praying and trusting in God and his son Jesus Christ. I wanted to jump out on my faith but I don’t have much . I’m living from month to month on my SSI and I’m thankful to God for placing peoples like you in my life. I may not have much but I watch the joy and love you share with other that give me hope to keep loving God peoples and helping when I can I took care of patients in nursing home for 33 yrs until I wasn’t able to do it thanks again Steve I pray that you and ur family have a bless Thanksgiving love y’all I hope that you do get my messages.

  4. I have been watching the steve harvey show since 2012-2013 i use to watch it everyday it use to make me wonder what if i can go on their and be motivation to someone what if i can get help to better myself to be successful what if i can share my poems and writings be good at delievering peace,love and stucture to be the best i can be i just use to watch it to see how others where giving a chance to be themselves

  5. Steve you are the most inspirational man that I know except for our God. I see your show everyday and when ever you are on. You say the right things I want you to know you bring me to tears. I love you you are my friend and you don’t know that. Now you do.

  6. Praise the Lord for you and your talents… God owns it all and He can do anything. I just made my JUMP. I know He will open my parachute but it is still scary

  7. Greetings Everyone
    May I please have the scripture that uncle Steve live by everyday or rather the scripture that his qouted on this clip.

    Thanking you in advance.

  8. Steve – Thank you for all your motivational word and stories and scriptures!!! You have helped me more than you know!!! Much appreciated, I am very blessed and grateful to have you in my life!!! Also, thank you for helping me to figure out what my gifts are! :o)

  9. I hate I wasn’t able to make it to the Steve Harvey show. One day I will get to you meet you Mr. Harvey! Thanks for all you do and share with us.

  10. Steve
    Thank you motivating me with positive straight forward approach to life and being successful. After losing my oldest son at 21 from being shot it has been hard. I know without God and my other son who is 18 I don’t know how I would have survived. Thank you for giving me hope. Thank you for sharing stories with us to let us know we can make it if you just ask and believe according to God’s will for our lives.

  11. You just made your way to Africa… Thank you.. your words really helped.. God bless you

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