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Hey Steve: What Are My Boyfriend’s Intentions

This woman needs help figuring out her boyfriend's intentions. Watch me cut to the chase in this #HeySteve clip.

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  1. Good stuff! I agree. Very rarely will a man NOT know what he wants when it involves a woman.

    1. Hey steve, I’m currently seeing a guy for few months. He has laid it on the table what he wants from this relationship. He wants to have s another child and buy house together build something. Which is great, if it something I don’t want I’m wasting my time. I feeling like he is rushing it. What are you thoughts?

  2. My boyfriend keeps talking to these group of girl that I don’t like . And just does on accident I have to stop from doing it . He loves me he show it doesn’t want them just can’t stop talking to them for some hard reason never cheated on me Steve what can I do to keep my relationship

  3. Steve. Am looking. For. A. Good. Man.my. Husband. Pass. Two. Years. Ago. Am. Single. And. Ready. To mingle. Please. Find. Me. A good. Man. Thank. You.

  4. Hey Steve me and my husband are separated I’m in a relationship with this man I’m constantly asking him are we in a relationship or what are we doing he always reminds me that I am married okay I file for divorce and he still say the same thing

  5. That’s what I did with my son’s father and now he wants get back together and see where we land. I don’t want that either. I just moved on into a new relationship!

  6. Hey Steve. I am in Uganda and need advice from you am not sure how to get to you.

  7. Steve how to make men regret for what they have treated me wrong

  8. Malls hot mall

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