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Hey Steve: What Are My Boyfriend’s Intentions

This woman needs help figuring out her boyfriend's intentions. Watch me cut to the chase in this #HeySteve clip.

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  1. Good stuff! I agree. Very rarely will a man NOT know what he wants when it involves a woman.

    1. Hey steve, I’m currently seeing a guy for few months. He has laid it on the table what he wants from this relationship. He wants to have s another child and buy house together build something. Which is great, if it something I don’t want I’m wasting my time. I feeling like he is rushing it. What are you thoughts?

  2. My boyfriend keeps talking to these group of girl that I don’t like . And just does on accident I have to stop from doing it . He loves me he show it doesn’t want them just can’t stop talking to them for some hard reason never cheated on me Steve what can I do to keep my relationship

  3. Steve. Am looking. For. A. Good. Man.my. Husband. Pass. Two. Years. Ago. Am. Single. And. Ready. To mingle. Please. Find. Me. A good. Man. Thank. You.

  4. Hey Steve me and my husband are separated I’m in a relationship with this man I’m constantly asking him are we in a relationship or what are we doing he always reminds me that I am married okay I file for divorce and he still say the same thing

  5. That’s what I did with my son’s father and now he wants get back together and see where we land. I don’t want that either. I just moved on into a new relationship!

  6. Hey Steve. I am in Uganda and need advice from you am not sure how to get to you.

  7. Steve how to make men regret for what they have treated me wrong

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