Savage! Is That Your Real Voice? Steve Harvey Roasts Funny-Sounding Contestants on Family Feud

Is THAT your REAL VOICE? Steve Harvey ROASTS funny-sounding contestants on Family Feud! Which one is your favorite? Comment below!

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  1. Great seeing Harvey because I have always long to see him, great show all the same

  2. This is too funny!!!

  3. Dear Mr Harvey i just wanted you to know how much you brighten my day and make me laugh i can be feeling bad and i still have to laugh at your expression and comments. Your truly doing what your suppose to do cause i couldn’t imange not getting to know you. God bless you

  4. Steve , you are hilarious in these clips. Iol
    God bless you. I like comedy and I do write jokes and hopefully to use it some day when I retire from working so much.

  5. Hi Steve,
    I just laughed myself to tears. You are so good at what you do. Continue to be blessed .

  6. Hello there Steve can you please tell me what was that groovy music used in relation to Angies answer A Cat .
    By the way you are an amazing presenter funny ,smart and all round entertaining.

    Regards Rodney Breen from Ireland

  7. Steve Harvey is so “FUNNY” on his game shows on Family Feud
    He makes me laugh when he tells the Family who loses! “You did good”!😂🤣And it sounds like a broken records 🤣😂Over and over again! I love Steve Harvey! ❤️🌹

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