Spring Into a Cleanse

Don’t Be in Denial, Diets Don’t Work

By Roni Deluz ND, RN, Ph.D

Let’s talk about why diets don’t work! I am constantly being asked by someone who just finished a complicated diet why they are gaining all of their weight back. “Diets don’t work,” I say with a smile. “If you give your body what it needs, it will work miracles for you.” If you cleanse and increase the nutrients in your body, it will work by repairing your cells, ridding you of toxic residuals, and allowing better oxygenation and metabolism.

The Difference Between a Detox and a Diet

When you detox, you provide your body with maximum quality nutrition. Your body stops thinking that it needs to hold onto every ounce of fat you consume because it’s well fed.

If you provide your body with enough nutrients all day in small amounts, it will begin ridding itself of all the toxins that exist in your body through urine, feces, sweat, and expirations. Diets usually only work temporarily because the body loses nutrients.

One of the natural effects of detoxing is that you lose weight because you are losing toxins. In the purifying process of the detox, normal hunger is removed so that the organs can do their work of cleansing. It’s spring now, and I recommend detoxing every season for seven days and/or a 21-day cleanse every year!

Why Should We Detox?

We all know that our bodies have their own detoxifying systems. The liver, kidney, colon, lymphatic system etc. do their work efficiently to rid our body of free radicals, pathogenic bacteria, drugs, pesticides, food additives, pollutants, heavy metals, and a host of other toxins. That purifying system keeps our organs from reabsorbing the “dirt ” that was tagged for excretion. Toxins are poisons: foreign bodies that get into our system. They are anything from “dirt” to highly carcinogenic elements found in chemical or industrial wastes. They can be endo-toxins, that is, natural by-products of body process; or, they are exotoxins coming from outside of the body.

When your body holds onto these toxins, the integrity of good health is markedly affected, setting the stage for weight gain and obesity, insulin resistance, hormonal issues, cardiovascular disease, and adrenal exhaustion. These conditions in turn lead to fatigue and a lower metabolism. While some diets might have temporary results, they never work long-term.

Liberate Those Lethal Toxins!

A detox diet refers to mostly vegetables and antioxidant consumption in a liquid, puree, or soup-like consistency so that the digestive system can easily metabolize the nutrients. We are eating pure, fresh, highly enzymatic, and dense nutrients that enhance the function of the liver, kidney, and lymph nodes. Our detoxified body is now liberated from lethal toxins, thus allowing our metabolic system to use healthier cells to expel energy for weight loss. Body functions are now at their optimum. Fat accumulation is no longer there. Weight loss naturally takes place, and there is no yo-yo effect!

This Revolutionary Detox will Help You:

  • Drop 21 lbs. in 21 days or maintain your current body weight
  • Heighten your immune system
  • Decrease inflammation and pain
  • Recover memory and focus instantly
  • Normalize hormones and blood levels
  • Increase vitamins and minerals
  • Improve energy and metabolism
  • Improve organ repair

List of Foods to Avoid on a Detox

1. Tomatoes
2. White Potatoes
3. Eggplants
4. Green, red, yellow, or orange peppers
5. Paprika
6. Corn and corn syrup
7. Gluten
8. Canned foods
9. Bagged foods
10. Salt
11. Oils or fats
12. Sugar
13. Artificial Sweeteners
14. Chemicals, dyes, preservatives
15. Animal Protein

My Daily Detox Schedule: Drop 21 lbs. in 21 Days

8am – Berry Antioxidant cocktail
10am – High Density Green drink
12pm – Broth made from Soup
2pm – Vegetable juice
4pm – Anti-inflammatory drink
6pm – Soup plus Broth and 1 enzyme
8pm – Probiotic and Calm drink, or tea

On odd hours, you must drink distilled water*

Great news! You can call us at 888-667-6168 to order your own detox kit! We can ship it right to your front door, and within 5-10 business days, you can start your very own journey to great health. If you are not sure how to get started, you can also call for a phone consultation with me!

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  2. Great plan. But how does who detox when they have Crohn’s disease and just had a colonoscopy.

  3. I want to know how much it costs for the detox kit?

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