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Ladies, Sometimes You Have To Call A Man’s Bluff

Don't let a man tell you twice that he doesn't want you.

A young lady in the audience said that her boyfriend told her he needed a “break” from their relationship. You know I set this situation straight. Ladies, don’t be afraid to call men out on their B.S.

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  1. Give him a break and go on and live your best life and when realize what a mistake he made and want to come back give him your behind to kiss

  2. Dear Mr. Harvey,
    I’m 49 years old & been divorced for 3 years now. I have a smart 11 year old son. I just started dating again to a guy who is 18 years younger than I am. I kept our relationship from my family because in my culture & in my family’s eyes the man has to be financially stable & his not. We did talked about the future that he wants to work hard so that he can have a life with me. We’ve been dating for 7 months. My eldest sister, my brother-in-law, my niece, my dad & my mom doesn’t know about our relationship but the rest of the family does. I kept it a secret because they tend to be judgmental. I don’t know what to do on how I’m gonna break it to them that I’m dating someone who I work with who is a great guy. He is the opposite of any guy I’ve dated. He may not be financially stable but he has a big heart which is very attractive. Most importantly is the relationship he has for my son. Can you please advice me on what to do? Thank You

  3. My 40 yr old ex boyfriend and I are expecting a child. It came as a surprise since we just broke up 2wks ago. He wanted to keep the baby, then changed his mind and asked me to terminate. Then he called back and said that was selfish and a real man takes on his responsibilities. He encouraged me to tell my entire family and even sat down for breakfast with my dad yesterday. Lied to him directly to his face and said we were going to be a couple and raise the baby as one and figure out living arrangements etc. After breakfast I discussed with him about the things he said and asked why he lied because he’s only told me that he wants to stick with his firm decision to stay out of the relationship. Which all in all turned into nevermind I should terminate the baby. This is the second time he has said this in a week. This time he didn’t call back. He must really mean it.

  4. I pray that you keep your baby for your heart, mind, and soul. However, no matter what decision you come up with–let it be yours with consistent prayer. This man has already shown you that he is unreliable as a boyfriend or Ex. Therefore, do not rely on him to be there for you.

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