Stephanie Takes Home BIG Money Playing Harvey’s Hundreds

Stephanie is excited to play #HarveysHundreds! You’ll be excited too – with our updated Harvey’s Hundreds app, you can play too. It’s fun for all ages and puts a new twist on our favorite game. Download it here: https://steveharvey.com/harveyshundreds/

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  1. Dear Steve, On your show broad casted on August 30, 2019 you made a misstatement when you stated the mans job is to buy the house and the the woman makes it a home. Sorry to disagree. The Man and Woman together or separate buys the house the woman makes it look beautiful. The truth of the mater is that the entire family together makes it a home. I think most any clergy will agree. The entire family if there are 2 members or 10 members they make it s home, that makes it a Home. Thank you for your time, Gene
    PS I started an email but it got sent before I could finish it, Sorry for that inconvenience.

  2. Hello Mr.steve how have you been sir! I like so much your show I watch every time when I been home thanks for your entertainment keep it that wonderful show

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