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  1. Dear Steve, I’m writing because I’ve been watching your show for a long time and have been very inspired by things that I’ve seen you do and accomplish with what I know about your life you have been an amazing man father and husband I continue to try to inspire myself to find what it is that God has put me on this Earth for my purpose I continue to not be able to find that. You seem to have a gift to be able to help people so I’m taking a leap of faith and reaching out praying and believing for some form of help or interaction. I know that God can either speak through you or not it will be His choice but thank you for taking the time to reading and listening to everything that I have to say

  2. Steve thankyou for every single bit of advise, it has helped me to be positive on my day to day. You are realy an awesome man. Hope everything goes well with you and your family
    Lots of love from New Zealand

  3. Steve, you make Family Feud entertaining.
    I haven’t watched the show since Richard Dawson was Host mainly because nobody could take his place. Steve, you have done so, and given the show even more. Keep up the great job that you are doing. ????????????????

  4. l missing u for fan steveharvney

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