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Steve Harvey’s 2019 Mentoring Camp

Mentorship. Brotherhood. Empowerment. Discipline. Education. Leadership. Forgiveness. Healing.

Mentorship. Brotherhood. Empowerment. Discipline. Education. Leadership. Forgiveness. Healing. Just a few words that describe the experience at a Steve Harvey Mentoring Program for Young Men. Take a glimpse at our National Mentoring Camp highlights, and stay connected to for powerful stories from this life-changing program. http://TheHarveyFoundation.org

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  1. Greetings. I just watched the YouTube video and was inspired by what I saw. I have 2 grandsons (16 and 11) who just lost their father (my son) this Jan 2019. I would like to know how I can get the boys registered for the next Mentoring Camp.

    1. Hi Prince, please visit https://theharveyfoundation.org/ for more information.

      1. Hello
        I Love the work you do with the young men. My youngest son is a young man already 23 and needs mentoring very respectable and need to know how to get Out there to be successful. Where can he get help?
        I have done my best as a single mother with 5 other children

      2. I would like to find a way I can get ahold of you all, to discuss a mentor Camp of. Mr. Harvey Foundation. For my grandson I really need your kind of guidance in his life now he’s a good kid. He just barely turned 14 I need your help. Please get ahold of me love Grandma.

        1. Hi Patricia, for more information about the Mentoring Camp, please visit: https://theharveyfoundation.org/

  2. Great work you all are doing with these young men Praise God

    1. My name is Vonden Allison, never had any positive role model in my life until I start watching that Steve Harvey show. The show helped me to be better. I saw this video and I would like to be apart of that growth and also to thank Steve Harvey for all that he have down for me. I was recently hospitalized and all the while I was in the hospital for the 7 weeks I was watching short clips of you inspiring people all across the world.

  3. How can I get more information? My son is 31. Would he fit the age bracket? Please any suggestions will help

    1. Please visit https://theharveyfoundation.org/ for more information.

    2. I have two grandsons ages 14 and 12 years old. They have a younger sister that’s 11 years old. Four years ago these children lost their mother with is my daughter. The father of children don’t come around them or support. I am their guardian.My grandkids all of them especially the boys needs so strong male mentors in their life. I want the best for my grandsons and don’t want them to be on influence by the wrong crowd. All three children are hurting over the death of my daughter. I believe Steve’s mentoring program would help them to develop to be strong black men. God bless Mr. Steve Harvey!!!

  4. Steve you are the best in the whole wide World….Much love always…

    1. Thank you STEVE HARVEY and MARJORIE HARVEY????????????


  6. Is the camp only for US citizens?

  7. This is truly a blessing for these young men that are developing into manhood. You all touch the hearts & minds of them and allow them to express themselves. So many black men, fathers, daddys don’t allow them to express themselves or take the time to listen.
    And I feel that is so important with our kids to let them express themselves and guess what we parents might learn something we thought they didn’t know. GOD BLESS YOU ALL THE MEN THAT TOOK TIME TO DO THIS.

  8. Blessings Mr. Steve n hope all is well with you. I was wondering if I could have a job with the Steve and Majorie Harvey Foundation. I mean a remote work that I can work from home on my computer. Here is what I do:

    1) A Researcher
    2) Author, Writer and Editor—Pamela Orock Publishing House
    Google: Pamela Orock/Books for more information.
    3) Perfume Designer n Producer of Beauty N Skincare Products at Pamela Orock Productions. All natural products. Produce n design almost everything we need and use on a daily basis: Lotions, soaps, nail polish, bubble baths, bath salts, massage lotions, whipped body butters, face creams, body wash, baby products, deodorants, rollons, candles n more. All natural n custom made, just as u like it.
    4) Teacher, Writer, Author n Mentor —Pamela Orock Foundational Ministries n School of Ministry.
    Bless your precious souls and I pray that you will be able to employ at least one of my services. Have a blessed day and blessed rest of the week.
    Pamela Orock

    Not to forget to let you know you are doing a fantastic job in and for your community.

  9. It is such an inspiration to see the great commitment Marjorie and Steve Harvey and his team has enforce to reach out to these young kids. This is what we called LOVE Steve, you have been a blessing to many and I’m sure God will continue to bless you and your team to continue on this magnificent journey to bring something Good out of these young men. You have shine the light for those who are in darkness, for them to see that there is hope for their future. We need more people like you who will extend the LOVE so that others may find hope in this time. May they continue to grow into the men of tomorrow.
    Well Done! Mothers keep on, keeping On! Youths Never Give UP!

  10. I truly admire Steve Harvey for his Mentoring Program for young men. They have an opportunity to learn so many life lessons. Continued Success!!!

  11. Thank you so much for the opportunity for my son and I to enjoy and have such a wonderful experience! It was much needed and I am still working on my list!!!!!!

  12. These comments show we are a thriving people that are full of Hope and can handle adversity by themselves!! Steve is a blessing with his videos and routines. Keep it up!!

  13. How do i get involved with this process im interested in being a part of the movement

    1. Thanks Christopher! For more information go to: https://theharveyfoundation.org/

  14. I am a single mother of 7, 4 girls and 3 boys. I would like to enroll my children into this camp for help with guiding them in the right direction. My babies have been through so much and some of them I see are heading down the wrong way and I would really like your help with mentoring them. I looked on the link but do not see where I can enroll them. Please help me.

    1. Hi Natasha, for more information visit: https://theharveyfoundation.org/

  15. Lovely messages uncle… Bless bless

  16. Hello Steve Harvey,
    I need helping raising my 15 year old son, and I truly believe he can benefit greatly from attending your mentoring program. Please have someone get in contact with me before I loose him to the street.

    1. Please visit https://theharveyfoundation.org/ for more information about the program. Thank you.

  17. I need to sign a young man up to attend this camp, how do I go about this. I can’t find this information on any of these sites.

  18. Good Morning I am emailing the Steve Harvey Mentorship program because I’m a single parent and been a single parent for 14 years and just retired from the Army. I have a 15 year old son. He is a basketball player and wants to go to the NBA and thats fine but I want him to figure out what else he wants to do besides that just in case. He also wants to go to Duke but I keep explaining to him that grades are very important. He says he doesn’t like school and I know most kids feel that way but its a have to do thing. He isn’t a bad kid but he has been through alot. I.E. he found my mother his grandmother passed away in our house last year and a few years before that he lost his granddad my father and his nanny the same day. We have lost 13 people in the last 4 years and I’m just reaching out for some mentorship for him. Because when it come to mom all I do is fuss but I’m trying to get him prepare for real life. Please help. Thank you in advance

  19. Hi Steve, I truly would love my twin son’s to attend this program. I am a single mother of four. My oldest twin boys will be 13 yes old soon. They have behavioral issues and I worry sometimes. I make them listen to inspirational speakers like you Myles Munor, Les Brown, and ET. But I worry since they have no male roles models to look up to. I think this program would benefit them. To be around other successful black men that are not just in sports. We live in Iowa, which has a small percentage of blacks.

  20. I have visited the website that you’ve recommended above and there is no information for requirements for signing up. Please advise us where we could get that information or if it’s simply not available. Thank you so much! God bless!

    1. Thank you! It is not yet time for registration, continue to follow the foundation for more information.

  21. My soon to be 13 year old, birthday 9/18 wants to join your Mentoring Camp. How do I apply?

    1. Follow the https://theharveyfoundation.org/ for more information.

  22. Does the camp also accept kids that have mental disabilities?

    1. Hi Julia, for more information about the camp, please go to https://theharveyfoundation.org/ Thank you.

  23. https://theharveyfoundation.org/
    No place on the link to register, pls assist.

    1. Registration isn’t open yet. Please follow the foundation on social media for announcements. Thank you.

  24. This is AMAZING what you all are doing! I love the fact that you are involved in the program. You could have someone else run the program for you or just donate to a local mentor program but you are hands on. This is truly in your heart to do and it shows. Listening to the stories of your mentees are heart felt and so true. God is using you all to introduce new paths to the youth that they may not ever had a chance to see. Thank You Steve Harvey for investing in our youth. I’m with you!

  25. Hello Steve Harvey,
    I am 23years old and I have always wanted to become a motivational speaker and entrepreneur. My wish is to one day be able to attend your mentoring camp so that I can have guidline and and build my confidence.
    Thank you Sir.

  26. I would like to know if there is a mentoring program for young men age 18+. If so how do I go about contacting someone .

    1. Yes, please visit https://theharveyfoundation.org/. Now accepting applications.

  27. Editor, you keep posting the link to the foundation, but no where within that site shows where one can sign their child up for any of the programs. Even under “learn more” there is no link(s) for one to sign up for anything. Please provide more info on how one can enroll their child(ren) in Steve’s Mentoring Program.

    Thank You!

    1. Applications Open 2/14. You can apply here after the 14th: https://theharveyfoundation.org/

  28. I would like to become a volunteer mentor/teacher in your organization. I have over 30 years of multi international business experience and also an awarded teacher.
    I will offer;
    – Career Development AND MORE IMPORTANTLY the proper motivational mind set and methods “TO REACH THEIR GOALS.
    – Basic business and Accounting Skills

    I live in Manhattan Beach, California

    1. Hi Michael, for more information visit: https://theharveyfoundation.org/ Thank you!

  29. Hello. I have searched and searched the foundation website for information as to how to register for the mentoring camp without success. Please give me direction as to how to get the registration info. Thank you.

    1. Hi Jennifer, registration has been closed for the mentoring camp. Please keep following the foundation for more information about next year’s registration. Thank you.

  30. Good Morning!

    My name is Donna and I was watching the latest episode of Mentoring Monday’s When my 6 year old grandson came into my room. He wants to come to the mentoring camp we would like to know the starting age that can attend.

    1. Hi Donna, thank you! For more information about the Mentoring Camp, please visit: https://theharveyfoundation.org/

      Registration is currently closed for this year. Announcements for the next program will be made on the website.

    2. Thank you Steve and Marjorie thank you for caring so much for these children thank you for being the kind souls that you are you are a blessing from the Lord and we love you I miss seeing y’all I may not see you on TV but you still in my heart you are a joy to watch and I know you’ll be back soon even stronger than what you was before because God got you and your family is just beautiful and them grandchildren are gorgeous but I’m writing to you Mr Harvey because I got a grandson my name is Denise and my grandson that is 18 years old and he already started getting into trouble on house arrest and everything else and I don’t want this for my grandson I want better for his life and I’m writing to you because I told him about your boot camp and he was interested and I want to know what could I do to get him in there to where he can better himself because I want him to mount to something and I want him to be somebody if you can help me please help me Mr Denise may God bless you and may God keep you.

      1. I am sorry I meant Ms Denise

  31. I would really like to get my grandson whom I am raising into the camp. I’ve been to the site you have been suggesting but it does not say how to register for the camp. Please tell me how to do that. Thank you.

    1. Follow the Steve and Marjorie Foundation here: https://theharveyfoundation.org/ When registration is open again, you can apply.

  32. Hi, I am very interested in enrolling my son is Steve’s mentoring camp. His father chose drugs and a dangerous lifestyle and therefore isn’t in his life at all and he REALLY NEEDS strong, stable, positive male role models to guide him on the path to manhood. I went to the website but didn’t see anywhere to enroll for the next camp. My son is 10. I know you mainly work with teens but if there’s a waiting list, I’d love and appreciate for my son to be on it. Thank you for providing these resources to our boys!

    1. Hi Erica, registration is not currently open. If you follow the https://theharveyfoundation.org/ website, they will post when registration will be open again. Thank you!

  33. Greetings,
    My name is Garfield Campbell Jr. I would like to become a mentor. I been in and out of jail and prison since I was 14 years old. I understand how important it is to have positive remodels in a young mans life. I now have my own business as a Handyman and also I am an instructor and proctor with Servsafe. I would really like the opportunity to give back to the community. In these days and times young men and women need us. We have to take a different approach to educating and loving our future leaders. Please, Let me know what steps need to take to help. Thank you for your time and look forward to building a better and brighter future for us all.
    Garfield Campbell Jr.

    1. Thanks for reaching out. Please contact https://theharveyfoundation.org/ for more information about our mentoring programs.

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