At 9 Years Old I Knew I Would Have The Steve Harvey Show

As a child, every morning my mother would come into my room while I watched TV and tell me to “get out that box, you’re going to be late for school.”

I watched the Ed Sullivan Show and in my mind at 9 years old, I said I’m going to have The Steve Harvey Show. Ed Sullivan had show sponsors, so when I was 9 I had to get some too. ???????????? Guess who was my imaginary sponsors at 9 years old? ????????????

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  1. Mr. Harvey,

    I’m not sure if your eyes will ever personally see this email, but I had to pause today just to express my gratitude for all the inspiration that you give to your viewers. Believe me, I’m not a groupie or anything, but I do like many of the projects that you have done. More than anything, I love and appreciate you for using your platform to POSITIVELY impact our world.

    I am an “entrepre-newbie”, only having my company for about a month now. I have been a teacher in the public schools of New Orleans for the past 23 years, and God blessed me with a vision of what He wanted me to do several years ago. Last month, He blessed me to finally open Camp LIT, LLC, a literature-based After-School Center and Summer Camp.

    Your “parachute” message has really inspired me this morning! Your words and your experiences are invaluable. My prayer is that you will gather all of your inspirational messages in a book for people,like myself, who are looking for motivation as they go out on faith.

    Again, thank you!

  2. I admire you so much! GOD Bless you for sharing your amazing story. Please keep on. I Pray and Hope you can have your own show soon.
    I m looking forward to seeing you very soon in National TV. Steve you are a mentor for the poor class level people like me to get up and keep on going. I felt very sick until I heard your inspiring story. I sure feel much better and full of positive energy.
    Thank you thank I LOVE YOU!

  3. Dear Steve, Your words, your humility, your humanity lift a woman up. Thank you for sharing your manhood with the women of the world. Rarely does a woman hear her glory spoken out of the lips of a man, you raise my expectations of manhood, partnership, and love.

    Thank you for your soul.

  4. I could listen to you all day alone you are such a help to my life and I appreciate you! Donna Brown has a GP is what I normally close out with but today I’m going to say
    Steve Harvey has a radio show Love you more.

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