Steve Has No Shortage of Excellent Black Male Role Models on His Talk Show

Check out these celebrities talk about what really matters.

These celebrities embody the meaning of Black excellence. Their careers display breaking barriers, giving back, and leaving unforgettable legacies.

Take a look at these three clips that show famous black men talking about their lives and careers on STEVE.


1.Forest Whitaker gives the inside scoop to Black Panther.

Forest Whitaker talks to Steve about his role in Black Panther and the importance of diversity in film.

2. George Foreman recalls his biggest loss.

George Foreman takes a trip down memory lane and recounts his first defeat in 1974 during The Rumble in the Jungle boxing match against Muhammad Ali.


3. A true humanitarian, Wyclef Jean knows what’s truly important.

Wyclef Jean conveys the difficulty of trying to become the President of Haiti and the biggest legacy he plans to leave on the world.

These are the male role models we can all look up to, and they continue to keep us inspired.

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  1. Dear Mr. Harvey!!
    I look forward to watching your show, every day…I listen, learn and laugh…The segment CLO is AWESOME…I have a friend whom I’d like to recommend for an interview, for Black History Month, Memorial Day or Veteran’s Day. His name is Audie “Tee” Turner. He retired last September, after 32 years in the United States Navy. He went from E-1 to CWO-5, which was quite an accomplishment in itself…however Audie was the first and youngest African-American at that time to receive the rank. I met him in a dental office where I worked until I retired 2 years ago. He’s a father, grandfather, upbeat friend to many people and a mentor…We need more role models like “Tee”. Thank you for your time…

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