You’ll Be Amazed By The Strength And Resilience Of These 2 Guests on STEVE

Everyday people prove anyone can showcase Black Excellence.

These two women show you don’t need money to inspire the world and make a difference.

Watch as they talk to Steve about their life’s passions, struggles, and the love that falls between, on STEVE.

1. This teacher proves there’s no time limit on love.

In and out of foster care since the age of nine, Anthony was looking for a forever home. At the age of sixteen his school teacher, Dr. Bennie, opened her doors and adopted him as her own.

2. Nothing is going to stop this woman from living out her dream. 

After going through a terrible bike accident that left her paralyzed, this sixty-nine-year-old woman has the spirit and drive that can inspire all of us.

It’s obvious why these women exude Black excellence. They encourage us to follow our hearts, no matter how big the obstacle appears and prove that in the end life is most fulfilling when we move past our fears.

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