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Steve’s Annoying Vegan Kids

My kids say eating meat will kill me, but at least I'll die happy!

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  1. Wouldn’t trade in a properly grilled steak for anything!!

  2. Thank you for sharing your God-given gift with the world. Laughter is good for the soul. Also, thank you for what you have done and continue to do to help change a generation of Young Black Men. I also appreciate the demonstration of love that you and Marjorie show for each other and your children and grandson.

  3. Hi Mr Harvey, your friend and fan from RSA. I hate to miss a single show. A day without watching your show, is like a neat gentleman who, by mistake forgot to trim his mustache. Happy Xmas and festive season. Take care my brother as well as that lovely family of yours.
    With lots of love from RSA. Nearly forgot this, I am today 61 years old, and have been eating meat ever since. Guess what, it tastes better and better every day( try rump steak)

    Collen Lepota Molefe

  4. Hilarious!!!????????????????????????

  5. Steve .. I mostly watch you on family fude .. you are the greatest funnyest man in no .. I’m so thankful you are Successful no I’m not jealous but I am very happy for you God is good all the time

  6. Hi Steve, You are still hilarious. My husband an I saw you years ago at Joe Louis Arena on the Kings of Comedy tour.

    We still Love you here in Detroit
    Sincerely Denaneer H. Lee

  7. Hey Steve I love ur show I just got in to the USA from Cameroon it’s been two months I watch ur show on YouTube cos I don’t have the channel yet . You inspire me a lot I love the way u are with ur family . When I’m sad I definitely know what will lighten my mood I just go to Facebook or YouTube and start watching all the shows they might be mixed up but I enjoy the the way u change lives is so wonderful keep doing good happy Christmas and a wonderful new year God Bless u

  8. Going vegan is the best thing to do for the planet, the animals, your health and the future of mankind.
    #watchearthlings #watchcowspiracy #watchdominion #watchwhatthehealth #watchforkesoverknives

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