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Everybody wants two things out of life… success and happiness. Both are available to anyone who wants it. You have to change your MINDSET. Want to know the difference between successful people and non-successful people? YOUR MINDSET! God gave y’all the same thing he gave me.

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  1. I’m a 35 y/o widow and mother of four. I’m also the youth minister at my church. I can’t help but have hope and keep the faith. Thank you Mr. Harvey for not giving up on your dream. You were and always are in demand.

  2. Hi Steve, I am 59 year old single Mother soon be 60 years old soon, I raised five children plus my first grandson they are all grown on their own with there families, Steve I hardly have time for myself I work all the time I never been on a vacation I try online dating listen to all the things been said online I said to myself that’s not for me,I pray asking God to bless me with a good man Steve I been along for a very long time watching your dating show how you help women find men’s will you help me I am tired of been along,I am praying at the end of 2019 I will have a man in my life healthy, in good shape,have a good job car,his on home, without any drama someone single good looking don’t drink love cooking and doing things together like walking on the beach holding hands, going to movies, jazz concerts, traveling, living life to the fullest, Steave if there isn’t God,trust, believe, faith,communication, love,upstanding in a good healthy relationship there isn’t a relationship .

  3. Dear Steve I know I need to get out of my rut but I have been retired for two years after working with the City of N.Y. for almost thirty one years.I had a couple of medical scares that’s why I retired. I want to return to the workforce but I have a few ideals instead but don’t know how to implement them!!!! What would you do if your mind is scattered and don’t know which direction to go and your income is low??Everybody wants you to have money to try things out or set up your ideals.

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