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My daughter texts me WYD… I look at my phone, I’m like what is a whattie? ????????????I didn’t know what that was, all I could think about was all the money I spent on private school and my daughter can’t even spell ????????????I found out what it meant… What the hell you mean, what am I doing? I’M AT WORK ????????????Stop texting me in the middle of the day! I’m WORKING!!

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  1. I missed 5 opportunities for relationships for professional advancement and regret them all
    Now, I am not married and want a husband, non attractive teacher wants a non attractive male; do not want to be alone any longer, ages 60-; tried all other avenues, found 2 great men on c. list in my local area who do not want to date; I am fashionable but not attractive, but funny; its going on now 9 yrs; worst in chrisitan dating sites, had more luck on c. list but messaged for over 5 mo and local; I am no longer attractive tho and I think it would be good for me to have the same now

  2. I missed opportunities while younger, but chose career; hurt badly once, haunted me since
    I have found 2 people on c. list for fishing and outdoor activity but they will not date me because I am not attractive at all; I choose now to have a man who is the same; fashionable, do not dress at age, fit and …but am , as I say not attractice any logner and I will nto go to senior centers or do anything that brings my morale down. I want what I had in my 30’s and cannot have it.
    I want marriage.
    I have been on Christian date sites , in support groups, libraries daily, eat out by self, and no one understands why I am alone-they are not so I stay alone and bum alone, now its been too long for me-too nice, too considerate and caring and compassionate, many do not even want to hear these words these days; have gone on weekend trips with 2 men for sightseeing and love but they do not want me but they email me. I need to be loved like everyone else.

  3. Slapping, hugging kissing my boss

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