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A lot of people are afraid to jump, a lot of people are afraid to take chances

A lot of people are afraid to jump, a lot of people are afraid to take chances. A lot of people are afraid to put things up for risk, and you shouldn’t be. Now, you can be afraid but, you should learn how to go ahead anyhow.

For all the bad days you’ve ever had, for every day that you thought you weren’t going to get through. For every period in your life, you did not see any way you could have come out on the other side. Your track record for surviving is 100%. You have survived every single one of them.

Every dark moment you’ve ever had is preparing you for someplace God is about to take you. God has proven it to you your entire life. I’m going to show you something that he’s done for you, that you haven’t really paid a lot of attention to.

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  1. I met a guy in 1994, it was love at first sight. after two years things started to change. He would not answer my calls, always goes to voice mail. but when he calls me, I.m always there to listen. When i have to see him I have to go to his office, pay lie i.m a patient to see him for two minutes. He never want any one to know that we are together. it want on like this for another two years. Finally I told him if I find someone else I will tell you. He thought I was kidding. When I told him one day I found someone else he got very angry. I told him that he put me in a closet . that’s how I felt . when ever he needs me he will find me. this 2019, he never introduce me to his family and he never wanted to know mine, yet he keeps saying he loves me. 25 years gone by. What want to know is that we still have feelings for each other till this day we talk to each other. when we see each other we are like two pigeons flying in the sky. what can I do to stop feeling this way .

  2. Hi my name wesley I had a great job for 12 years and use most of my money trying business to retire my job. My coworkers use their money to but homes and fancy car.we are all home now and I have Bill from my previous failed investment. I have gain resilience from trying business for the past 14 years. Now it us 10 month and have invested all my retchement in what I am good at which is cooking but it need time to build and now this month for first time I have no money to pay my bills. The catering business and the vending machines i purchased has not been able to kick off to bring in the required money to pay bills create base on a high paying salary. How to survive.?

  3. Listening to you speak is one of the highlights of my day. And I’ve actually taken a lot of your advice uncle Steve. Thank you for your motivation.????

  4. Hey Steve,
    I’m having a hard time finding Gods guidance in this… my heart is telling me to go and my mind slapping me in the face like “ the hells wrong with you” I met a man a year ago, an I truly believe that God sent me him but our paths have pushed us across the country. He’s attending Law school in NY and I am Attending Nursing school in Alaska. So here’s my trouble he’s asked me to come with him, I want to take that jump… but God has blessed me with an amazing opportunity an my Nursing school is ALL payed for. It’s a blessing that I thank God for everyday…
    He recently pushed back and broke it off due to distance and feels he can’t give me the attention I needed. That I need to spread my wings and fly… but he’s still holding on.
    So do I drop everything an go? An worry that he might decide to do something like this if I was there in NY.
    I’m really giving it to God, but I don’t think I’m listening. My heart aches for him.. my mind is telling me don’t be stupid an waste an opportunity like this

    Thanks, God Bless

  5. Hi Steve!

    I know you are a busy person and you probably don’t personally read these little messages that people drop on you social media but I still want to take the time to congratulate you and to thank you for all you do!
    You have become a role model for me and you help me every day! I watch few random videos of you every morning before work. Sometimes in the middle of the day if Im feeling like is too much.
    The funny part is that the first time I heard from you it was related to something negative, some mistake you made on national TV (very irrelevant to me but your name was everywhere). Some time later I heard from you again when our son was invited to “little big shots” but he politely declined because they told him he needed to make fun of you and make you look like a “dummy”. He told my wife and I that you are not a dummy, as a matter of fact, he said, “Steve Harvey is a very intelligent man. He went from being homeless and sleeping in his car to being on television on a lot of successful TV shows”. Right in there he thought me something new about you (he was about 8 then, he’s 12 years old going on his 2nd semester in college now)
    Over time I came across some mini clips of your shows and presentations and it became clear that the values and advice you give people are something that I admire and value deeply.
    I don’t want to make this too long but I want to share with you a little story about my family and my wife to be more specific. She was in a very car accident 2 years ago that put her in a wheelchair for quite some time and recovery was slow and then it got to a point where there was no more recovery any more. She is a beautiful 32 year old that used to be a model, realtor, pre-school teacherwho can’t walk without a cane and even with the cane she can’t get very far.
    We had to make serious life changes and sacrifices to get her thru this and we still do every day.

    I just want to let you know that I find in you the inspiration I need every day to move forward. I hope that if someone in your staff read this message they could pass it along to you so maybe this will make your day just like you make my day every day!

  6. Steve Harvey, you have no idea how much your motivational videos have touched me & changed my life for the better. I’m 45 years old. I’m not where I want to be but thanks to you I’m encouraged to keep pushing & keep seeking what God has planned for my life. I just want to give back to others. I need more so I can give more. May God continue to bless you. Thank you for blessing me!

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