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Styling With Will | Men’s Essential Accessories Part 2

Accessories are the finishing touches and details that every man should have in his wardrobe.

Celebrity Stylist, William Phoenix is back with part 2 of men’s essential accessories.

Men’s accessories are the finishing touches and details that every man should have in his wardrobe. Watch this episode for the men’s essentials to shop for now.

WATCHES | Upscale casual look: Strap vs bracelet and classic plain face vs chronograph. Dressing up: Leather strap watch vs. Rolex style bracelet. Sporty/Casual: A Rolex style watch with a bracelet can be both sporty and casual depending on the face.

THE PROPER FIT | A strap watch can be adjusted simply but they do come in sizes, make sure you buy the right size. Make sure you take a link or two out of a bracelet watch to get the right fit.

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BELTS | You’ll need 3-4 different belts. Casual, dress belt, and a sport belt. Buckle Hardware: Silver, gold, brass, and designer to enhance your look.

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WALLETS | Cardholders and money clips. Another accessory for a well-groomed man is a bi-fold or chest wallet.

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MAN BAGS | If you’ve carried your bag for the last 12 years, it’s time to upgrade. Backpack, soft briefcase, hard briefcase and fanny packs are good options depending on the fabrication and size.

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SOCKS | Athletic socks, sports socks, hidden socks, and formal socks. Know the difference and when and where to wear the right socks.

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Catch up on part 1 of men’s essential accessories HERE. Will breaks down hats, scarfs, eyewear, ties, tie bars, cufflinks, belts, watches, wallets, socks. These accessories will enhance your look, learn how to put these together with the clothes you have already.

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  1. I. want to meet Mr. Harvey in person. l’m a fan I love to watch his show please send me something

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