Teaching You a Rich Person’s Concept | Multiples of 10

Rich people think different, it’s all a mindset. I’m going to put a rich person’s concept in your head. “The multiples of 10.” You can become a millionaire with what you have. All of you have what it takes to become rich, you just don’t believe it. Your gift is the answer if you don’t know how to identify or use your gift watch me explain the “the multiples of 10.”

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  1. Oh my God, Mr Steve God bless you more I am in Cameroon, Africa it just yesterday that I watched on of your videos which you explained how you became who you are today and the humiliation you have to pass through. I won’t lie to you, I cried that I wasn’t even able to control myself and I downloaded the video to watch time again and again and get inspired . to round all my show of crying scene, when I came in contact with you motivation words, that touched me. The day ended so well after I watched you jokes I laughed that my neighbors ran into my how thinking I was mad and some to see what was giving me that JOY.


  2. Hello Steve My name is Sedale Jones. A chef from NJ, currently residing in Phoenix Arizona. I am living proof of Success after listening to your Jump speech, and I would like to share my story with people who are going through hard and hopeless times. In 2017 found out my mother was dying from stage 4 lung cancer, I hated my job at the holiday inn as sous chef. My 9 year relationship with 4 engaged had come to a bitter end, I knew God had something better in store! I suffered from seasonal depression in Nj and always told myself if something happened in my relationship or my mother I would go after my dreams on a place I would love to live! After two years im Arizona I finally got my casting business up and running and im doing great. God is great and ig you have faith, face your fears, and take a bit of risks, ; you gotta jump to see what God has planned!

  3. Wisdom and experience speaks!! Great guidance!! Thank you .My mission will be to implement and follow it in 2020.

  4. Yes, yes and yes! I’m about to go do it 10 more times this year. Thank you for this advice!

  5. Amazing concept to financial freedom! Thank you Steve Harvey!

  6. The Gift of God is always the best then u make the gift by yr self,, God bless you uncle Steve

  7. Please clarify the math. If I do what I did to make $100, charging $10, 10x; then if I do that again 10 more times, charging $10, I’ll have $200, not $1000. OR do I now charge $100 instead of $10? And 10x after that, charge $1000?

  8. I’m retired teacher & lab technician (DuPont) residing in Mississippi. I love volunteering to take youth groups on field trips! “When you see it you believe it!”. After seeing’s day hearing you give this message, I realize everyone has a gift to share!

    Thank you

  9. I love too watch the game show but would love to meet him

  10. wow that is amazing, currently I developed a website for people to work remotely, they can sell their services or find projects it is called, thank you Steve, this is really motivated me to use my skills.

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