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In 1991 I was sleeping in my car, I had $35 to my name.

In 1991 I was sleeping in my car, I had $35 to my name, everything I had could fit into two bags. I started talking to God about my dreams… Fast forward, out of nowhere I get a call from the Apollo asking me to come on the show. That same night I met D.L. Hughley, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and Jamie Foxx for the first time. We were all comedians that went on that night. This is my Apollo story and how I became the host. This was my turnback moment.

Everybody has a turn back a moment, it’s the moment you can either go forward or give everything up. There’s one guarantee if you give up it will never happen. Faith is everything, God is always on time, he’s never too late.

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  1. Wow! Stay the blessing that you are Steve!

  2. Your story is very inspirational, I dont know what happen but I was just sitting here thinking about what happen today then I had my cell phone on my hand at your story just puff up in front of me,and found my self crying about on how the hand of God works during your difficult time,which I think have the same situation like yours…and I want to say thank you to you because God use you as an I instrument so I can get the message quickly.

  3. It only proves that God really works in mysterious ways….

  4. Hello thank you mr. Harvey for your inspiration I first saw you on Apollo doing the Mitch Green Mike Tyson joke I never would have thought you was nervous and a hundred years you killed it I thought you was so funny I laugh I shared with people that joke I was so inspired by your testimony I just started my commercial janitorial service I’ve been inspired just to keep going like you said everybody has that turned back moment and if you turn back your never get that moment again Harvest professional Cleaning Service LLC in Charlotte North Carolina I’ve been through so much I’ve been homeless myself once about a month and a half but God kept me sleeping in my car went through a rough relationship and when it was over I found myself homeless but God kept me then God bless me I was able to stay at the Renaissance Hotel by Marriott for 30 days that was the best hotel stay a bad LOL and I was provided money to stay there I’m just so inspired to keep going to keep pushing I’m on the road back far from homeless but never forgot where I come from that’s why I’m inspired to do something to help men in the city that I live in I would like to start a nonprofit organization that I can help men transition from prison and give them work they keep them off the street. Earn a decent living and trade and not be on this and leave them two of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ keep me in your prayers mr. Harvey and I will do the same may God bless you very honored to even leave this message to God be all the glory and praise????????????????????????

  5. My name is Adam from Ghana and am a very big fan you Mr Harvey, I watch ur videos on Facebook everyday and it will mean the world to me if I get the opportunity to meet you in person someday.. That will be like a dream come true.. Keep the goof work up. God bless

  6. I watched this video the other night. I was ready to give up on life. A year ago my ex had a bad car wreck almost killing him. I practically lived at the hospital with him for 2 months. While he was in the hospital I went home to wash my clothes and sleep. I ended up having my apartment robbed of almost everything I owned. I was robbed 3 times and the police didn’t do anything. They wrote a report but they laughed at me. They thought it was funny. I ended up moving my life to a new city to take care of him. He ended up in a nursing home. I have epilepsy and my mom has always told me I can’t do anything because of my seizures. I’ve applied for service dog but they are way too much money. Not to mention the long list. Anyway, I tend to ramble. I have no friends where I’m at. I sit at home alone. It’s freezing in my place because I can’t afford to turn the gas on so I can have heat. My microwave just blew up. That was a really fun fireworks display in the kitchen. I have no idea why that blew up. Lol. Leave it to me for it to do that though. I have rats and mice that live with me. It’s not because I don’t clean either. Their were holes I moved in here that were from them. I also have gigantic cockroaches in here that I think I saw a few that played in the movie MIB with Will Smith. Lol. Anyway, I went to school to get my degree as a CNA. A week before Thanksgiving I was supposed to take my skills test. I had a huge seizure and hit my head on my coffee table. I was knocked out for 3 days. Nobody knew it since I live alone. I made my skills test up last week and passed! I took my written test the next day however and failed. I had to pay $35 to retest. That was all my Christmas money. All I could think about was how I’m already a bad mom but now I have no money to buy him a gift. I was so sick of being alone and always falling I figured why take it. Why bother. I’m too dumb anyway. I fail at everything I always do. I saw that video and it gave me hope. You had only $35 when you checked your machine. Then you did that gig in Florida and got $150 and double by the next day. You had enough for a round trip to do the gig at Apollo. You made me see that God does watch out for us. We just have to have faith and listen but also get up and do. It’s all in God’s timing not ours. I retook my written test today and I passed it!! God is good all the time, and all the time God is good. Now because he helped me get through this my next goal will be to find a nursing home and work there. I want to help others. I also want to get my CPR degree and my RN degree. Those are my next goals. You always have the best advice on your shows or words of encouragement. I don’t get to see it anymore unfortunately because I have no way to watch TV. I only can watch movies. Keep up your amazing work though. You’re a huge inspiration to many people.

  7. Yes, Yes, Yes! Persistently Pushing On; And Being Consistent Trusting God, Leaning Not On Your Own Understanding Had You Right In Your Calling Locating You. God’s Purpose Divine. Open Doors Galore, Wow!
    Thank You Steve For Encouraging Me To Not Quit. Everybody Has A Story Called Life. The Question Is, Faith Requires Action. Faith Without Works Is Being A Spectator. put Me In Coach, I’m Ready To Play !!! Glory Hallelujah I Feel A Praise Coming On…….Love You Steve❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  8. Great story but I’m really confused about the Dwayne Johnson reference. In 1991, he was 19 and playing football for the University of Miami…how was he a comedian in Harlem? Dwayne Johnson seems like a fairly common name, could it be a comedian with that name and not the actor/wrestler we know now?

  9. Inspiring story but Dwayne Johnson was a Freshman defensive lineman at the University of Miami in 1991. This story is made up. Any college football fan would know this.

  10. Showed a pic of The Rock when he mentioned Dwayne Johnson. Definitely a made up story. Come on Steve!! You’re accomplished enough to not make stuff up….Your ability to call out any politician for lying has been ruined.

  11. Dear Uncle Steve, my last surviving uncle. Every time I hear or read your story about how God grabbed you up just as you were about to throw in the towel, I cry.

    See I too have a vision and a dream. I’m a writer of six books and a playwright seeking answers from God to relocate to get exposure and where to.

    You inspire me.

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