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The Harveys Are On Vacation | 2019

I am going to show you some things to inspire and motivate you.

I’m going to post inspirational videos this year from my vacation. You know, just to put some things in your imagination. There’s always room in this world for more inspiration and motivation. I love you all.

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  1. Hello Steve
    I really enjoyed your vacation video and photos.
    Steve you just give me so must inspiration to keep pushing forward. I know God has so much more for me. I have sowed all my life into others and I know one day I will reap the blessings. Keep on inspiring people, you are truly blessed by God to be an inspiration to others. Keep doing you.

    1. I am inspired by your pictures and videos sir, think you and your wife are a beautiful couple, keep doing you , God bless, ,

    2. Hi Marjorie and Steve, Beautiful vacation pictures. Keep the Motivation and Inspiration coming. You and Marjorie inspire me so much. Continued Blessing to you and your family. Here is a Prayer of Blessing:
      Dear Lord, I know you don’t ask us to follow you just so we can experience your blessings, but I also know you are most likely to shower them upon us when we are walking in obedience and trusting that your ways are best. I don’t ever want to leave a single one of your blessings unclaimed, Lord! Show me the path you want me to take, and I will follow you through every bend and turn. Accept all that I offer to you, Lord, and all that I am. I stand ready to receive your outpouring of blessings. I pray ???? with a grateful heart. Amen.

      See if I will not open the windows of heaven for you and pour down for you an overflowing blessing.
      Malachi 3:10

  2. Dear Steve,
    I want to really thank you for your exceptional commitment to your craft, community and family and for being a loved part of three generations of our family.
    I watched your vacation video and want to applaud your generosity in sharing the blessings in your life and your love and commitment to your lovely wife and family. You’ re providing encouragement to other couples young and older. My husband and I are in our 60s and have been married 42yrs. We have had Friday night dates all these years, as do, now, our adult children with their spouses. We have traveled together every 4 months sometimes with and but usually without our children and now, periodically, with 1 or more of our 10 grandchildren.
    I firmly believe people follow our examples more than our words. So thank you for sharing your outstanding examples of positive “celebrity” adult leadership for our community and especially our youth. This is so needed! Please never allow negativity to undermine the value you and you family share in our community.
    During much of our adult lives, my husband and I and family have watched your sit coms, the Kings of Comedy, variety shows, etc. My book club even read your last book. My 99yr old mother, who I cared for, watched Family Feud, every day, and so did I! Our 7yr old grandson was heartbroken when “Little Big Shots” was cancelled. Now, my husband and I wake up to the comedy and adult music of the Steve Harvey Morning on HU radio. To say your professional contributions are a staple in our family is probably an understatement. I’m sure many other families in America share our experiences, so thank you!
    Please rest, rejuvenate and enjoy your private time with your family because you deserve it!
    We look forward to your return to your professional life but we are so happy that you continue to exemplify what is really important in life…family and consistent contributions to our community by sharing the gifts God has given you.

    1. Steve and Marjorie, yours is a love I’ve always wanted, but never had. You inspire me everyday to keep pushing forward. I appreciate you allowing us to be part of your life. Love you❤❤❤

  3. One happy family.
    One L. O. V. E to the Harvey’s all the way from Nigeria.
    Your family is amazing sir.

    1. Hi Steve!!! I love your vacation video and you are an inspiration to me. I love to see others blessed. Keep doing what you’re doing and God bless! Love you Steve.

  4. Life can be very disappointing sometimes but behind of those moments we call them Phase 1.
    Attach to those disappointments are Blessings & we call them Phase 2.
    Always remember to thank God, praise God & communicate with Him for taking you both out of darkness & moving you into his marvelous light.
    Keep shining wherever you go.

  5. I am a big fan…..I love ur shows. You are a grt man please keep on encouraging us, u are doing jut grt..much luv to ur family.. blessings.

  6. I am a big fan…..I love ur shows. You are a grt man please keep on encouraging us, u are doing just grt..much luv to ur family.. blessings.

  7. Why on earth am I crying! We follow celebrities and experience mix emotions during the course of the way. Steve I first saw you like most, on your sitcoms with others. Then on your Steve Harvey Morning Show while attending university in New Jersey between 2004 – 2009. Mind you had to stop once in a while because your jingle came to my mind before my prayerful thought. Was also angry with you when you made fun of my beautiful island BERMUDA culture when you came yearly for our yearly show of talent.
    Push forward! The journey continued including your marriage, children and your continued progress. What I read, heard and saw always kept me in tune, Act Like A Woman; Think Like A Man was my anthem as I schooled others on relationships. Mind you I’m still waiting on the Lord, lmbo!
    This video fills my heart because you and your wife are united and happy, regardless of what is going on in life! Your inspiring worlds continue to ring truth! You recognize God’s assignment for you!
    God continues to bless you! You are truly a fighter, a man who has been transparent and honest during the course of your journey. True to who you are and a man that knows the true meaning of “LET GO AND LET GOD!” Congratulations Mr. Steve Harvey, your a true example of God Is In Control! He Ain’t Through With You Yet! Amen!
    Signed: Island ???? Charm!

  8. God bless you steve and your family

  9. May God continue to bless you both, you both are truly an inspiration. I love the love you share and the way you enjoy and appreciate each other, continued blessings upon your household. We got only one life so i do support we live and enjoy it to the best of our ability.. you are a gifted soul and enjoy making others happy…may you be continously blessed. I myself do enjoy travelling and seeing the world, you and Majorie have inspired me even more????. Do continue being the great people that you guys are, thank you for everything and may blessings continue to flow in your direction. Love all the way from the Caribbean

  10. Hi Steve,
    I have been a fan for many years. Please continue to inspire. God has been good to you and he is not finish yet. I love when you share personal events. You have a Beautiful marriage. Please don’t stop.

  11. God bless you and your family mr Steve Harvey. And I love your video about your vacation

  12. Hi Mr Harvey I am from Guyana I really enjoy watching your videos and all your shows u have inspired me so much to change my life that I completely turn my life around I have given my life to Jesus mr Harvey continue to do the great work u r doing we love u all the way from Guyana I hope one day to be on your show

  13. I am glad that you thought enough of us to be brought along electronically Quite an inspiration.

  14. Thank you for sharing your vacations you have inspired my life a lot being a single parent and overcoming life challenging. My children are grown and now I have opportunity to find out who I am never had a vacation and getting back into the dating scene is exciting I just brought my new home and second-degree I have finished also, I listen to you a lot when it came to my boys when he was small my baby boy is a fireman my oldest is in Iraq and my daughter in college. thank God for motivated speakers like yourself keep the good work up may God continue to bless you and your family.

  15. Thanks for sharing…God Be with you and your wife. You inspire me to live my life to the fullest. I going to take a vacation this year. Too many years of work and not rewarding myself. Everything else come first.Love

  16. Hello Steve & Family,
    I really enjoyed the videos and pictures that you guys have posted. Steve, I admire your work ethics and the love you have for living and enjoying life. Even with all your success, you always put God first. This is what I love about you.. thanks for sharing your vacation with us.

  17. Hey Steve dont worry about what people say just enjoy your life you deserve it. Bless you and your beautiful wife Marjorie

  18. People need to be inspired there’s more to life than where you grew up to see the world and goals to reach to get you in that position see the beautiful places that make you wanna strive to go there again or somewhere like it get out that cocoon

  19. Thanks Steve & Marjorie ..May God bless & watch over you both…GOD is AWESOME !????????????????????????????????????

  20. I’m so happy to see the hardest working man in the USA on vacation. Gettin urs !! Relax have fun. Just keep sending more inspiration! God Bless You and all your loved ones.
    J Connolly

  21. Congratulations Steve and Valerie on showing the world that no .after how successful you become that you can still be faithful to one another a nd that your love for one another continues to love. Lonnie and I will be married 32 years on September 26 and when we grow up we want to be just like you and Valerie. May the Lord continue to bless your marriage, your career and your love for one another. We love you Steve and Valerie. Lonnie and Rita Abram.
    Ps . We’ve tried to get on your show so many times with no avail. My husband is your number 1 fan!!!????❤

  22. Enjoy Steve you are the Best! You bring laughter to everyone! Just love you! Enjoy that vacay!! Thank you for the videos!

  23. I’m sorry for all the mistakes I just made on my remarks. I meant Marjorie . Please forgive me Steve. It’s early in the morning and I dont have my glasses on.

  24. Dear Steve & Margie

    I would like to thank you guys for the inspirational video and we listen to the Steve Harvey morning show up every morning in New Orleans you guys motivate me and my husband to travel and experience new things in life thank you guys so much ❤️❤️????????????

  25. GM Mr Harvey!, Thank you so much for taking time from your vacation to share some inspiration & motivation to others! This motivates me & is confirmation of what I’m doing in my life! Keep doing you & living the Life God has blessed you’ll with!! Enjoy to the fullest your vacation with your wife!! #LivingyourBestLife!!????

  26. Steve,
    Thank you for sharing your vacation with me. This was so inspirational to see what goes on around the world.
    I am so proud of you because you say what you mean and mean what you say.
    My thoughts and prayers will always be that God continued blessings be upon you and your family and that you will always be YOU.
    I love y’all, Steve.

  27. Hey Steve and Marjorie, this is beautiful. Happy for you. Damn Dem haters. Do you, do it big. Love you ????

  28. Keep Doing YOU! Lufe is too short to worry about others. Keep it moving . Live Life to the Fullest. ENJOY!

  29. Y’all BALLIN!!!! I’m sitting here right now in holding on a TV production set in Chgo watching your video & what you’ve done for me TODAY is inspire the life I’ve always wanted & working very hard to get… love & happiness, success, world traveler, world connector & leadership by example:) Thank you for showing your beautiful life! I know it hasn’t been easy, but with faith, hard work, determination & prayer you’ve made it thru:) Praying for God to shine the light on moi!!

  30. We love you too Mr. Harvey!❤️ Beautiful pictures!…Enjoy!!!

  31. Thanks Steve and Marjorie for the beautiful pictures. I love seeing married couples adventuring together. Having some fun in the sun. Are your accessories, clothing, part of your clothing line.

  32. Steve,I turned 70 ,yesterday(Aug.12).I watched your show everyday .Laughed and ctied with you.Especially,when your children honored you…You REALLY solidified my respect for you.When you introduced “Jesus”,at Bishop Jake’s conference.You inspired me to write my book “When You Think You Can’t,You Can”.God has another plan for you,son. When He closes a door.He opens another one.His plan is not for you to question….”we walk by faith,NOT by sight.”May you continue to love and honor Marjorie.You found your “good thing”.Steve ,if we never meet.Remember this…TRUST GOD WITH THE OUTCOME”…..He never fails…Blessings to you….from the Atl.

  33. Love you all Steve. May God continue to bless you.
    I love the way you honor your wife. No shame in your game. ????????????????

  34. Blessings to you and Marjorie for all that you do. Love all the shows you have on tv.js

  35. Steve I have loved you ever since you were Mr. Hightower, since You shared your life story of being homeless, since I saw you cry on the gospel awards show you hosted when you saw the man who use to let you sleep in his car shop garage and feed you because you were living in your car and homeless; see you are Awesome and favored by God to be a light for me and others. Keep Shining my brother. Love to you and gorgeous Marjorie and all your loved ones. How can a person hate on you or another; let them hate; they don’t know you story or your glory; our steps are ordered by God. He knows it all. Stay blessed. Love you Steve Harvey!

  36. Thank you Steve for this Motivational video. I may not be able to vacation where you vacation but I will see you in Mexico

  37. Im so so so HAPPY to see my Beautiful Black King & Queen enjoying life. You both have been blessed . You are right my life is not yours but it motivates my drive to get just a taste of it. Thank you so much for sharing a peek in your world . Continue sharing, caring, motivating an inspiring. We Love You Steve & Marjorie. ❤

  38. Good morning, I thank you from my heart for sharing your beautiful inspirational videos. My parents always traveled through my eyes because their health had fell them both. But it gave them hope that they could push a little further. It gave them peace that I was living my life abundantly. Friends on social media got out and start doing the same thing, living their lives unapologetic and that is the way I live mine everyday Unbothered by anyone. I live to show my Heavenly Father my gratitude and peace within. Live your life to the fullest and enjoy every moment. You are amazing ????

  39. my brother is 70 years old and has prostrate cancer thats moved to his bones,he has a wish yo own a steve harvey tie,hopefully you can send him one,Bobby ray davis, McCrory arkansas, 72101,if not prayers are appreciated, thank you ,from one of his 5 sisters

  40. Mr.&Mrs. Steve Harvey, ENJOY, YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE! You Have Inspired Me For Many Years, GOD USES YOU DAILY! I Listen To Your Show Every Day And I Love Your 6&9:50a.m Words! I Just Love Y’all! I Love Marjorie and Family! Keep Doing the Damn Thang’ Steve!!! Like You Say “Haters Make You/Us STRONGER!!????????????????????

  41. I love and miss your family here in Chgo. You have inspired me since day 1 that I heard your inspirational messages at your show. God is my everything. You told me everything that I have dreamed of are my gifts from God and are mine. Mr Harvey, I jumped in April do to a surgery that was delaided. I had to retire from my job. But I had a side gig which is my dream. I have been working it and loving life since. No more answering to another boss but God. Bless you and your family you will always be part of ours. Cant wait to see your next adventure. Be safe and big (((Hugs)))

  42. Steve l love your show and look forward to it every day!!!
    I hope you find another network to pick you up!!

    Prayers for you and your family!!!

  43. Dear Steve and Marjorie, You two are TOP COUPLE of the Decade! You bring creativity, inspiration, motivation, joy and love to everything you do! GOD BLESS YOU BOTH! Thanks for being YOU and sharing yourselves with the rest of the world. YOU TWO are loved and appreciated. KEEP BEING BLESSED SO YOU CAN KEEP ON BEING A BLESSING! All the Love!

  44. Thank you for posting yours and Marjorie’s vacation Steve. First of all God has blessed you and your family with what you have. It has been a long road for you. Don’t ever be ashamed of your testimony, where God has brought you…and if that’s Croatia, then shout from the mountain tops! And give God all the glory. Enjoy your blessings, which includes
    Marjorie. Thank you again for sharing. You give us travelers something to look forward to. Stay well and be blessed Harveys !!
    Haters are just that, haters..I pray for haters.

  45. Steve, Marjorie and your children are an inspiration in my life because you are so loving and supportive to each other.
    There are always going to be haters in this world. So when they show you who they are believe them and treat them with a long handle spoon and keep it moving.
    I have something to share with you. In February of 2014, I was a grand prize winner of the Black and White Diamond Giveaway. I won a ring and cuff link set.
    I have tried to contact you over the years to thank you. So thank you Steve for the opportunity to be a winner because of your radio program.
    In closing I miss your television show with you as the host. You were such a compassionate, generous, friendly and spiritually motivational person.
    You are and will always be a class act and definitely a King of Comedy!
    Enjoy your vacation with your lovely wife.

  46. Steve we love you!
    You’re awesome!
    You’re blessed!
    You’re one in a million!
    You’re funny!
    You make us proud to see one of us on tv, with that being said kept doing you. Walk in your pride!
    Peace out…

  47. Hi Mr.Steve and Mrs Harvey.I enjoyed your video vacation.Wow what a pleasure to just go anywhere and everywhere with the one that you love.And the inspirational speech was super indulging.Steve how come your dating site is a charge.I would love to get on your dating site but I don’t have the funds.

  48. What a great pleasure to be apart of your world.

  49. Absolutely magnificent!! This is living your best Life.

  50. Thank You

  51. Hello Steve to God Be The Glory..I’ve always loved you Continue keeping God first and he’ll always be there for you and your family

  52. Alright Steve we love you in Florida! Keep inspiring us.


  53. Awesome thank you for sharing.

  54. We can only give God all the honour and the Glory for new each morning are his mercies.. enjoy the down time with your family Mr Harvey, my fiancee and I enjoyed listening to your inspirational messages.. God bless.. George and Deodacia in Capetown SA.

  55. Won’t HE Do It !! I Know HE Will ,
    ” ESPECIALLY If ” …… , Faith with Understanding { regardless of the people’s negative thoughts , ” because They Just DON’T Want To Know Better ” , It’s Easier For Them To Hate With Jealousy and Envy …. , } SMH because it’s so sad that ;
    We All Can’t Love Each Other As GOD Love , Or At Least A Mustard Seed Sized . { ” and it doesn’t even cost money “} It Only Takes ; A Change and A MIRROR , Which We Can Only Change Ourselves . I Don’t Understand Why,
    We can’t be happy for each other PLUS See The Good In One Another.
    GOD Knows Each And Every One HEART …… ,
    { Just because I choose to be struck …. , THAT DOESN’T MEAN THAT , I am not happy for you because I am very happy for you and I also want to Thank You For Sharing your experiences along with the MOTIVATIONAL
    Speeches that you give every morning . ” Thank You ” continue to enjoy your vacation plus may GOD Continue To Stay With and Bless You and Your Family Now And always. { Words from my heart }
    BTW ; ***# The Haters With The negative thoughts , Keep Doing What You Do !!

  56. I love, ???? love to see the two of you enjoying yourselves and each other. Thanks for sharing .
    To God be the Glory!

  57. Mr. Harvey, thank you so much for the inspiration! My goal is to go on a world cruise. It would be nice to have someone to share it with, but lol you are already taken! However, I’m going on my cruise and plan to dance around the world. Keep going forward and do what God is directing you to do. Love you!

  58. Dear Steve,
    I’m a middle-aged white girl who just loves you! You & your nephew have made me LOL for years with your morning radio show on WDAS, out of Philly. Your wife is beautiful & the vacation video looks amazing! Way to bounce back. When 1 door closes, others open for you with even better opportunities. I can’t wait to see what you do next!

    Irene Abbot

  59. Love that you and Marjorie chose to put it out there for others! Too many successful folks are intimidated by sharing their happy times in fear of the haters. I personally think that when a person has lived without all the luxuries of life and then become financially independent and stable, its time to share the good times. No shame in that! Vacations can be a weekend car trip to somewhere relaxing or a Cruise around the world. It’s what you make of it and making memories with loved ones that counts. Keep posting the videos…they make me smile!

  60. Mr.harvey keep Sharing your loven words to other , it get them hope and really show how God plays a roll in your life if you dont know now you do know that God is good all the time .
    We take little things for granted and don’t really get to know ourself base on what some body else dream
    Me i tell my children to dream big and wake up happy cause God is in control
    Hater gone hate and God gone bless you more
    So enjoy your time with your family
    I can wait to see what you bring to the table on your New Shows. God has for you to do
    God bless you and enjoy your life
    Love one of your followers
    Dorothy J Hill

  61. Thank you for sharing your vacation I love travels and enjoy seeing places thru your eyes and you inspire me get going. Enjoy ALL the blessings our God has bestowed upon u. Hello Mrs Marjorie, love the way you love your man!!Joy and blessings to you both.

  62. I love anything that Steve hosts. He inspires me to keep going. Never give up. Like most, I’ve been thru alot this past 4 years. Up to a drug addict ( so call friend ) stole everything in my home . Clothes, furniture, appliances everything. I’ve started completely over at 52 yrs old. With 1 arm load of clothes. And my dog. I wish just once in my life, I could visit the places yall do Steve and Marjorie. But, I guess that’s just a dream. Cause I’ve gotta buy furniture and things again. But, you continue to post your videos and pics. I love them.

  63. Happy for y’all Steve, live your best life enjoy the fruits of your labor forget haters, God got you you’ve done a lot for people..keep on doing good don’t get distracted by negativity..one love ❤️

  64. Living Vs Existing, you are truly LIVING!!!!! It is wonderful to see couples Living. We may not always be able to do it like you and Marjorie, but do it together. I love seeing people live their best life. I think we need to see more of it. My husband and I just finished a Couples Retreat in Orlando. We had a couple who had been married for 37 years and this was their first trip of this sort, and his wife says he is still talking about it!!. Thank you Steve and Marjorie for sharing. My husband and I vacation at least twice a year and share our pics on Facebook, hopefully to inspire other couples to Live their best life and not just exist!! To God be the Glory for the things He has blessed and continue to bless us all to do.!!

  65. Hey Steve,

    I really needed to hear those words of encouragement. I am going through a divorce and it has been really tough but I can’t focus on others.

    Thanks for the words of inspiration.

  66. Black Love is real, attainable and looks so damn good. Mr. and Mrs. Steve and Marjorie Harvey are living proof. My Wife and I have a goal on our vision board to vacation with the Harvey’s soon and often.
    Wishing you the very best… and may all your dreams continue to come true.
    The Statons

  67. This is short but sweet …ENJOY ❤❤

  68. Steve Harvey, You Have always been an inspiration to me. The way you treat your wife and kids, the way you make people laugh, and just your hustle is inspiring. I love seeing you guys’ vacation video, pics, and stories. I’m glad you didn’t allow a hater to keep you from allowing others to see how great God is. Once a person understands purpose and realizes God has given us all our own race, hating won’t even be a factor in their minds. You remember God said I’ll prepare a table before you in the presence of thine enemies. Don’t you ever let anyone make you think you shouldn’t share your life if you want to, because at the end of the day God allowed you to have an amazing life, but you put in the work; So you and Mrs. Harvey go Celebrate because life is too short to not. We love y’all back.

  69. ????????‍♀️Thank you so much I am inspired by you in more ways then one. I will be married for 20 years in September because you and your words of wisdom! ♥️Live your life Steve **** the haters. Be blessed my brother! ????????Much love to you and your lovely Marjorie.????

  70. Steve, you are an AMAZING human being who was given a gift from the Lord to be able to inspire others. I can tell you are a VERY busy person but you STILL take the time to reach out to this world (which is in a very sad state may I say) in order to help us refocus on the positive. We need MORE people like you. Please don’t allow the negativity of some individuals to stop you from doing what the Lord has called you to do.
    I, as I am sure many others will also, look for your inspirational videos in the future. They are helping many!!!!


  72. Enjoy Steve you earn it love me some Steve you make me laugh so keep doing what you are doing I proud of you because you dont mind sharing where you come from to where you are today God has really had his hands on you and we have a lot in common both born in Jan 1957 my birthday is the 10 one day I hope I get to see you in person just to laugh with you

  73. Thank you for sharing your life and love for the gift gave you in Marjorie. It is a real blessing to share your life with someone that makes your heart happy.

    May God continue to love you bith.

  74. I Loved watching your vacation videos, it was an inspiration to my soul. I love watching you and listening to your take on life.

  75. Steve,

    You have never thrown your success in our faces. Why are they looking then and sending you a dumb comment like that. You have always motivated people to see beyond their past. You have inspired us to expect and want more in life.

    I admire the way you have handled pushing past any mishap or mistake in life. As we’ve watched you mature and grow in life especially for men you truly are a success story!

    You keep it ???? so enjoy your vacation and I can’t wait for your return to TV as I loved watching your show and it was such a success????????

    As my Bishop Craig Johnson says—get worried if people aren’t talking about you! Enjoy/rest/rejuvenate. You did a great job and the best in your life is yet to come!

  76. Loved the vacation video — you deserve a vacation. I will miss your Talk show. Your show was the best Talk show around. I like Kelly Clarkson, but not to take your place — so many other Talk shows are not interesting and should not be on TV . You definitely should have been able to stay with the ‘Little Big Shots.’ That might not have been the name of the show, but you know what show I am talking about. You were fantastic with the children. The show will not be the same without you. THEY ARE TAKING THE BEST TV TALK SHOW HOSTESS OFF OF TV. Wishing you and your family good health and happiness!

  77. To the Harvey’s,
    Thank you for the video. It was really cool to see the other side of world through you guys eyes. I might have made it there but I’d be in my room eating the cheese and crackers that I packed cause I know I couldn’t afford to eat out and then I’m planning on how I’m gonna jump on the back of that boat and catch a ride down the river with ya’ll lol. Thanks for being such a Beautiful couple and inspiring us all. Enjoy!!!

  78. Dear Steve,
    I have admired you for so many years. Just got courage to write anything to. I know that you have received God’s blessings. Just keep putting God first, asking, and knowing what and to ask. You deserve to take a vacation and really enjoy life with you wife Marjorie. Enjoy and God keep and bless both of you.

  79. Dear Mr. & Mrs. Harvey,
    Enjoyed watching your vacation video. Marjorie loved the western hat. I have one also that I wear sometimes. Keep doing what the two of you do best. Life is short, Keep Praying and helping others when you can. God has a plan for all of us. We watch your show along with my mother-in-law who has Dementia and Alzheimer’s and now for a year has been under Hospice. We don’t travel like we used too. My husband is the only child and we take care of mom. Have been for the last 6 years. She can’t walk, we feed her and do all we can to make her comfortable. We have a CNA that comes in every morning, someone who comes in for 6 hours on Tuesdays along with the nurse and Chaplain. We don’t get to church every Sunday lime we used to. But deep down I know we are doing Gods work. The funny thing is I still look online for vacations even though we can’t really go unless we take mom. Traveling for her is hard now. He plans on retiring soon so that he can totally be hear at the house. He has worked all his life. Went into the military around 17. Then retired at 39 from the military. Worked at the Navy Hospital then started working for the school district. Retired after 21 or 22 years in the service and been out 26 years. With the school district aroung 19 years. He has been on a roll. So I would say to anyone give back, enjoy life the right way, take time for you and your family, Keep God in your heart, Pray and he shall guide you to the next level. So Mr. Harvey keep us laughing and keep your inner child.
    God Bless

  80. Hey Steve, my wife, and I definitely miss your afternoon talk show “Steve”. We watched it every day from when you were in Chicago, and when you moved to L.A. We hope you come back soon on TV with some type of talk show again. In the meantime, keep the good work up, and god bless you, Marjorie, and the whole Harvey family……….See you soon brother!

  81. Hi Steve hope you and Marjorie are enjoying the most time of your life

  82. Enjoy…Give to the world the best you have,and the best will come back to you.

  83. Mr. & Mrs. Harvey, do your thang! Have fun. Steve those fools you left in charge have not missed a beat! Even Shirley and Carla are showing out! I love it! You made a master decision bringing that fool J. Anthony Brown on our show. That was our missing piece to the puzzle. God Bless you and your family! Do some more videos. I love to travel and when I get this Boo-thang straight, hopefully he likes to travel too!

  84. Enjoy…Give to the world,the best you have and the best will come back to you

  85. God Bless You and your family!
    You do inspire m; knowing:
    What He done for others, he will Surely do for me!

    Have A Great Vacation!!!

  86. Steve and Marjorie I really admire you both for such a wonderful life.This is what I always dreamed of but now I am 72
    Years old. And no chance of that happening now. I enjoyed the video.I guest I can still dream and pretend. Love all that you do. Oh if you happen to run across somebody my age that wants to take me on a vacation please let me know. I will be waiting LOL

  87. Wow amazing and unbelieveable !!!! Thanks Steve for sharing I Love it !!! Water under the tables never knew places like that existed. I’m happy to see successful black man like yourself and your beautiful women enjoying life. Keep living and inspiring us.

  88. Hi Steve ,I love watching your show all the time,you have a wonderful family keep up the good work hope one day will meet you all ,may God continue to bless you all.

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    Enjoy your vacation with your lovely wife!

  91. Hello Steve and Marjorie thank you both for sharing your vacation with me May the good lord continue to bless what you all are doing with each other and others. Thank you for strengthening my faith to press on to be a better person for me first and my family and others in conclusion May God continue to bless you and yours. P.S.Keep Balling!!!

  92. Don’t see anything wrong with insperations. Yo shouldn’t intimadate anyone , in fact it should make one more attentive about their and their dreams . I’m happy for you and your wife Steve continue to live your life

  93. UNCLE STEVE!!!!!!!! Help me find true love ????????‍♀️????????

  94. Hi Steve.
    Thanks a million times over for sharing your family vacation video. I loved it! You are such an inspiration to me. I look forward to hearing your motivation each morning on 107.5. My family and I can’t get enough of family feud. There have been so many times when I’ve wanted to throw in the towel because of the curve balls life have thrown at me including the haters to the point I’ve wanted to curl up in a ball close my eyes hoping that all the hang ups had vanished once I reopened my eyes. All it took was the message I received from God through you which gave me the boost I needed to carry on. Thank you. Keep doing what you do best and enjoy your vacation enjoy your family and continue loving your self and just doing you. God bless you and your family. Let your light continue to shine gracefully

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    Bless you
    Regina Cobb

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    Thank you for sharing the vacation’s video
    I love the way you express yourself. I wish all the best
    and God bless you and your family

  101. Keep enjoying your life… You only get one! I’m inspired because I am positive that I’m supposed to be flying in chartered aircraft and riding in limos. I’m not there yet, but it’s coming! In the meantime, what I have been doing, for years, is taking a week long trip to a new place (overseas) as a birthday present to me… so I ain’t mad at all. God is Faithful to fulfill His Promises.

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    Thank you for sharing your vacation looks amazing
    Mr Harvey you always say put GOD first and you do by thanking HIM now look at the beautiful blessings that are flowing and thank you for always giving back
    Enjoy your vacation

  104. Uncle Steve you’re a lovable man
    You have a good heart
    Your style has taught many that Christianity is no bondage
    You’re operating your purpose and calling perfectly well
    You’re a Pastor that’s how I see you
    You’re a mentor dear Uncle Steve
    I love you and look forward to see you some day
    May the Lord continue to bless and open doors for you
    Favor and Preservation is your portion.
    You inspire me Uncle Steve.

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  108. ????????Thank you my brother this year I took my family to the Rocky Mountains to Utah and the Grand Canyon we had a blessed time

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  111. Steve Harvey you are fantastic. Thank you for all.
    We want Lynn Richardsons book Living Check to Monday in the local libraries here in Vallejo, California/Solano County. They never picked it up in 2005 or the more recent revision. Amazon does have one for $20……but we don’t have that amount. Looking forward to whatever you do
    in the futures. We are sending you and yours love…..

  112. Hello Steve
    I really enjoy your vacation Videos and Your pictures .very inspirational . God had brought you a long way keep on doing what you doing . God is blessing you.. one love one family. God-bless you and your family.

  113. Steve. This is what it means to be free. You have worked so hard in your life and you deserve to travel the world. You like to do it up big. I like your style. I attended twelve of your Hoodie AWards and went to Punta Can a with you last year. Do you! I am not a hater. God has all the riches and blessings for those who believe. Marjorie, enjoy your journey. God gave you the right man and you complement each other well. You knew he needed to experience the world beyond the freeways and highways of America. Have a Grand vacation!

  114. Hello Harvey and Fam, so happy for you guys.
    Wish I could have a bit of a fairytale in my life. Are there still men like you out there? am looking seriously.
    I watch your show all the way out here in Nigeria and wishing I could have the opportunity to be in one.
    Someday that will surely happen.

    Love you loads Steve

  115. You inspire me! I pray for you and Ms Marjorie that you all will be balling out of control continuously. Enjoy your vacation and your life!!!

  116. Steve & Marjorie enjoy your vacation. I loved the videos. I will continue to pray for you. God Bless you two.

  117. Thanks for sharing I will be turning 60 next year so I’m letting God know that I desire a European vacation and my God who healed me from cancer this year said He will give me the desires of my heart!!! I got seed in the ground and it’s harvest time!!!

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  119. Since reading jump I quit my job and published four book on amazon I had more time to focus on my goals

  120. I love your vacation video; the places your visited we spectacular! Thank you for sharing, it inspired me to scheduled some relaxing time. I am glad you got passed the haters. It does not matter what stage you are in life, we all have haters. I am living my 67 year and it took me a while to say to haters, you opinion of me really don’t matter. Learning this has helped me to live my best life ever!

  121. Thank you Steve, I Enjoyed The Video, it was inspiring, makes me Dream Further about Life, God Bless you and your Family and the Positive Things you say and do in Life, I Admire and Respect you for who you are and what you have Accomplished, Continue to keep it Real.

  122. Hello Mr. Steve and Mrs. Majorie Harvey , my name is Darlene McDonald Shamlin I’m from terrell, tx home of(eric bishop- jamie foxx) I love ya’ll sooooooo much I love all your t.v. shows, your game show, just everything that you/ ya’ll are doing. I’ve prayed a special prayer that one day I will get to meet ya’ll you’re such a inspiration to me I watched your steve harvey talk show every day and I cried when the steve harvey final show aired I was just shocked couldn’t stop crying I pray for you and your famly because I know that the lord still has so many more blessings with your name on. Continue to do your thang Mr. Harvey and I hope to see and meet you and your wife real soon I’m you/ ya’ll #1-fan

  123. Blessings to you and your family. Thank you for many years of inspirational moments. You have helped so many. Be safe and have fun Harvey’s.

    Thank you,

  124. Love you


  126. Hi Steve hi Stephen Margie homeless and I just want to say I am so glad that you finally put something where people can people came to see us in other parts of the world and not feel bad about it that’s a wonderful thing you give people ideas you know I’ve been out sick for about a year and a half and I never thought that would happen to me and I love to travel I love people I love to cook I love children and no family vacations that’s just who I was and that injury just kind of set me back but when I happened to turn on my phone the other day and I seen your Margie sitting I love water I’m a beach girl dark if I am I’m a beach girl believe me when I tell you Steve and I love me some Steve Harvey I seen you one time and I am Las Vegas and I remember asking you would you ever come to Delaware your life can you please remind me and I’ll pay any money I’m not coming to Delaware and I laughed so hard I was so excited to hear you say that I do Keep doing what you’re doing keep doing that show people that there it’s a real and you only have a short time to live in this earth and what all the crisis going on be happy enjoy your life thank you Margie and Steve from Pandora I needed to see that I needed to see you guys having a wonderful time look up all your love you’re supposed to do that it’s important to teach your children how to like you know it’s important

  127. Hey Steve love your 2019 vacation so romantic. Thank-you for sharing. LOVE , PEACE, & HAPPINESS always to your family. Your woman is so beautiful, she looks great. Take Care & God Bless. P.S. don’t worry about the haters, they are only jealous because You have a great life, a woman who stands by you & family. They don’t got what you got. Keep focus. God is good ! 🙂

  128. Thank you for sharing your well deserved vacation!! You give so much of yourself to your fans, you deserve to relax and enjoy. Were are y’all dining in the water? so awesome.
    God Bless.
    Amy D


  130. Thanks for sharing.

  131. I love this Mr. and Mrs. Harvey. Some of us may never know what a beautiful vacation is. Normally when a family takes their vacation, they block out work, and anything that’s associated with work, and the people that’s associated with work. But you guys shared some personal moments with us during your vacation. WHO DOES THAT? THE HARVEY’S D!O. THANK YOU GUYS!!!!! MUCH LOVE!

  132. Hello Mr. Steve and Mrs. Majorie Harvey,
    Thank for sharing your family, life and inspirational moments with the world. I listen and watch everything that you touch and I am so proud and happy for you and your family. May GOD continue to strength you and your family with happiness, good health, love, joy and peace of mind. Continue to BE BLESSED! Nadine

  133. Hi Steve, my name is Rosie Frazier just what to say that I which (Family Feud show)all the time. you a great host most recently I just lost my Mother I miss her so much I hope and pray that I can come on your morning, show one day BE BLESSED!

  134. May bless you and your wife enjoy your life together.

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