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My wife told me to watch my mouth around the grandkids.

My wife told me to watch my mouth around the grandkids. I guess I should’ve listened to Marjorie ????????????My grandson Noah tried to repeat a cussword after hearing me on the phone but he left out a few letters ????????????

I tried to stop cussing at the beginning of the year, my teeth started hurting, I had headaches… man cussing ain’t for everybody, I respect that but there are just cuss appropriate moments!

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  1. thanks for keeping me informed on how to keep up with you and your family will miss your tv show so very much. Ms.Jani

  2. I am so disappointed that the Steve Harvey Show is gone‼️I have watched his show from the beginning〰️Chicago ✔️and I have Loved it ever since. He got me through a bad place in life 5 years ago I was run over by an SUV Suburban I lived but it has been a difficult recovery. Steve Harvey made me laugh and kept my spirits lifted and I faithfully watched his show here over on the East Coast! I am already missing his energy and truth! I do not know what happened but I know many are sad to see him go‼️Jelly Clarkston do not have the wisdom and underdog approach that Steve had! He reminded all that life should be respected and earned and if you work hard the way he worked then you can live nice too. He filled my heart with hope and I am so sorry for the rest of us ! Good Luck Mr Harvey you deserve the Best! Thank you for touching my life and God Bless all of Us‼️
    Catherine Freck

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