The Nana Effect | Rolling With Steve Harvey

Man, if you think what you see on TV is funny you should be behind-the-scenes 😁😂🤣This lady in the audience laughed so hard, she lifted up her wig, patted her forehead, and sat her wig back down 😁😂

Watch this Family Feud moment when a woman spent 22 minutes going back in forth with me over her answer “Nana” to the question “Name another word for mother.”

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  1. I Love You Steve gone and do u, who care about them haters we don’t!😄 Can u please put my husband on your show he is such a amazing man!

  2. Steve I love your shows watch every day and tape it when I am not home. I am so proud of you. Love and prayers for you and family. Doris Baskins

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