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Soul is my understanding of music. Soul is also my swagger, how I handle pressure, and how I handle haters – it all comes from soul music.

Hate is louder than love, but love is stronger than hate. If you focus on those who love you, you can blow over the haters. Most people hate you only because of the way other people love you.

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  1. Hi Steve H. Thanks for your thoughts. Very insightful and inspirational. Like you, I feel that the small number of folk trying to make some kind of noise are only getting attention because they’re too busy making noise, and not getting on with their life. The old saying goes like this, “the squeaky wheel gets the oil” – like you said, only 10% are the noise-makers…but, 90% of everybody else is going about their own business. I’m not sure how we got to this point, but, it takes courageous people as yourself to stand and express the common-sense thoughts. We are all behind you, and we take you as you are: funny, charming, and yes, even with imperfections. Because true acceptance is knowing that we are all “work in progress” – we can all be better than what we are, the point is to look at oneself first before focusing on others. Again, thanks for your thoughts, and you always know how to connect with people…keep on doing what you, there’s a huge following that appreciates your wittiness and laugh-out-loud thoughts. Keep being you – keep being genuine!

  2. Thank you Steve Harvey, amen to that blessing to you and God in your life is the best.

  3. We love you for the heart God has given you.I have a sad sad story to share with about my sister in Houston Texas her husband was a pastor he died so my sis has no place to live she’s sleeping on floor. Omg i cry when she tells me a friend of her let her stay there so he so mean that he tells her she has to leave omg during cold weather .please i want to share this with you cause she always nentions you and your wife how you have faith please call me Mr Steve this i have to share will make you cry.956 398 1271 please my name is Amiga please.

  4. Steve you’re a blessing keep up the great work.
    God have so much more for you .
    Be bless

  5. Nice, were the cartoon versions! I like Mr. Harvey, he is alright with me.

  6. Steve!

    This is Ahhhmazing! Im gonna bring my own Swagger back…
    God put you in our lives for a reason and for that I am blessed!

  7. ???????? Amen to that I miss you steve be glad when you come back ????????????????

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