The Power of No

When there’s something you want to achieve, when there’s a serious goal you’re pursuing, one of the best things to get comfortable using is the word NO.

Saying “no” allows you to stay in charge of your time. It carves out space so you can focus on priorities that are directly related to what you’re working to accomplish, and it keeps you from getting involved in things you don’t believe in out of obligation or guilt.

If you have difficulty saying no to your friends, family members, co-workers or organizations that you’re a part of or volunteer for, here are three things to remember:

  1. Realize what it costs when you don’t say no.

When you don’t say no it costs you your time. You take on projects and responsibilities that don’t belong to you. It can also cost you your integrity, as you may end up doing or supporting something you don’t believe in or want to align yourself with.

  1. Make hard choices.

Be willing to let some stuff—or some people—go. Be ready to have difficult conversations so that you can take charge of your time and your situation. Remember, saying “no” opens you up to saying “yes” to the things that really move you forward.

  1. Stand by your no.

If you say no, stick to it. Don’t be convinced to change your mind. Remember, build the muscle of saying no—it’s one of the most powerful tools you can use to stay focused on accomplishing your goals.

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  1. Love this article!

  2. “No” is a complete sentence.

    Don’t justify or explain it with words like “because.” Don’t say, “I’d rather not. Not this time. I can’t. This isn’t a good time. Not now.” Just say “No” and let the other person respond. If they ask you “why?” kindly reply, “My answer is No.”

    And that, folks, is my professional opinion. Thanks for listening.
    JB, M.S.Ed.

  3. i really really love this article .say No was a few minutes ago one of my biggest obstacle of moving forward,i am happy its now out of my way
    thank you .

  4. Saying NO is really a powerful tool to use when you what to succeed in life. NO means New Opportunities when you say NO to your obstacles you open the doors to New Opportunities. NO also mean Never Overpowered, for sure when you say NO you will never be Overpowered by friends, family workmates etc.

  5. Saying No opens more room to new opportunities, not always relevant to say Yes to everyone makes em think rather twise before asking next time.

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