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Think Yourself Successful

You are in control of how you set the tone of your day.

You are in control of how you set the tone of your day. You get to decide every day if your thoughts are going to be negative or positive. “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.”

It’s critical that you are aware of your thought patterns throughout the day. That’s a determining factor of your success.

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  1. I agree ! Your thoughts are the measurement of your faith. Your faith determines your walk. If your faith is small or shallow your steps in life toward your goals will be the same. He said My people perished for a lack of knowledge, Being unwilling or afraid to trust God can and will cost you your life!

  2. Thank you Mr. H

  3. […] triumphant, you’ll most likely reach for your goals. Apart from this, Steve Harvey believes that one is in control of how one sees […]

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