Top 5 Steve & Marjorie Harvey Moments

My wife…

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  1. Such a beautiful couple.

  2. Steve Harvey is very transparent in sharing his journey. The book he wrote, the radio show and (especially) his dedication to his family allows us all to see the true meaning of a Purpose Driven Journey of Life.
    I’m from a very very small island (Bermuda) and he hosted a series of entertainment shows here but was in school in New York. I listened to his morning talk show and knew he had a love of the limelight and the entertainment industry. But, like all others, never thought God would bless him by bringing to us true talent and the caring of the wholesomeness of people. God Bless You continuously, Mr. Harvey and your amazing family!

  3. I LOVE them plain and simple

  4. Special lady recognition moment indeed!!!
    Congratulations yall!!!

  5. I aspire to have that same type of love with my future person. But getting my teeth fixed is first. Then I will be ready 🤣

    That’s so awesome and beautiful!

  6. Love, love, love is the answer for us all and thanks for sharing what real love looks like. ☺️❤️❤️❤️

  7. OMG🙌🏼🙌🏼 One of my favorite couples. May God continue to bless your marriage ♥️🌱

  8. Mr & Mrs Harvey, what the two of you have is so unique and a true blessing. Mr Harvey you said something about you can’t say before you two were committed that there is regrets because if so your beautiful children on both sides would not be here! What is meant to be is well worth it. God had a plan for you two, but it would only happen in his timing not yours! God Bless You Both

  9. I love you guys so much. There’s a song by New Edition called, Coming Home, that makes me think of you two. It’s perfect.

  10. Wow … Steve and Marjorie you are such an inspiration and a beautiful couple. May the Lord bless your marriage and keep it so beautiful for many more years. Love y’all.
    Ester Bezuidenhout
    South Africa

  11. I love everything about Steve and Marjorie! They make me want to cry every time because someday I am going to get to that point in life! Having a husband take care of me like that is a GOD thing! I love it!

  12. Steve and Marjorie, inspire me to keep moving forward and to never quit! Even when it gets hard! I have not been able to get tickets yet to Steve’s show because I don’t have the money right now but I hope at some point in my life I will! I love them both!

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