Why you should support your partner

Why you should support your partner

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  1. If you are awake to the dreams of your partner and support and encourage them, you witness the miracles God can deliver into their life. It’s the best feeling to see the person you love grow into their best self. Shoot, a day with excite ment and possibilities is better than the end of the road! And I like to see what somebody can do when they are cheered on! Lol

  2. Good morning Mr.Steve. I am Obed Asante from Ghana. You have been my inspiration in my dark days but it keeps on getting darker. I am very tired and wants to rest my soul.today,I am messaging everybody- whoever who will listen to my pleas. Help me because I am sinking too fast. I don’t know how long I may be able to hold on. Its too dark very dark for me .help me anyone

  3. I’m inclined to agree with Mr Harvey on the crypto currency. It’s gambling. Put real money in, you have a system of indicators of the market (to each his own) and M A Y Be get actual money 💰 out. I’ll stick to cash.

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