Valentine’s Day For The Ladies

You Want Me To Be Your Valentine?

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  1. God bless just trying do something special for my lady 🙏 🙌💯💪love the show amen

  2. Love Steve Harvey,
    Good hearted Man. Who loves his beautiful wife and family.❤️🙏

  3. I have stage 4 cancer. Raised 3 children alone. Due to having to work round the clock to support them. My children are not very close to me. They are adults now and I sold my home moved to Texas to be near my 3 grandkids. Who are to busy to visit Yaya. My oldest daughter has refused to speak to me over a blow up we had before my move to Texas. I pray daily that my daughter will forgive me. But she does not knowledge my text. Please help me pray that my daughter speaks to me before it’s to late 😞 Thank you

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