We All Fall Short When It Comes To Perfection | Motivated

If you are struggling and looking for a way out and you’re a little lost. God is in the forgiving business. God is in the get your life together business. God is in the make your dreams come true business. God is in the accept you as you are business.

We all fall short when it comes to perfection. Form a relationship with God, just the way you are. God will take you just the way you are. That’s grace, God’s unmerited favor.

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  1. I just emailed you for help with a similar struggle and found this 10 seconds after emailing you. Incredible! Thank you.

  2. This really helped me through what I’m goin through being a single mom who has been through so much as a child I’m not perfect and I know I dont have to be I just have get my faith stronger and I know everything will be alright thank u Steve I have a story I wanna tell and when I get my book wrote u will get a copy because u inspire me.

  3. Where do I go to see where he is airing?

    1. To view this Facebook Watch series visit:

  4. I start following you when I saw your testimony program on TBN I new GOD was going to blow you out of the water with a wonderful life , even I could not have known all he was going to do’ exceedingly more than you can ask or think; WOW!!! Steve are you Steel Pinching your self, LOL’ Congratulation My Brother.

  5. i miss seeing you on TV

    1. Watch new episodes of Steve TV on Facebook Watch here:

  6. My Husband and I are struggling but I’m learning to pray and ask God for answers.

  7. I post a motivational speech by Steve and received a post back stating I won $1000.00 asked me to check my profile Nothing,. Had me all whooting and happy but believe it was just a good joke ..thanks anyway I till love listening and watching his shows great motivational speaker.. God bless you Steve Harvey i will continue too enjoy your speeches.

  8. Mr Harvey you are one of my idles! I’ve watched everything you ever hosted since I’ve been able to watch tv! You’ve helped to mold my life into what it is today! I just want to say Thank You for Never Giving Up and hearing the voice of GOD when he spoke to you that he would take you places if you Just got Up, you’ve brought me to tears and to my knees many days just knowing that one day my life for me and my children can change and be what GOD HAS SPOKEN over my life! My faith I allowed to slip away from all the hurt pain and disappointment I’ve felt my entire 30 years! Nothing would make me happier than to meet you and shake your hand because I can’t see it right now from where I’m at but I’m trusting GOD! Love you and your wife❣️

  9. No comment but he is the best ever or a reliable riche man in everything

  10. Hello Mr. Harvey,
    Samiyah and I’m 10 yrs old I go to bed every night falling to sleep listening to motivational speaker.i really enjoy and your wise advice is very helpful to me. I have started on my 100 list and I will accomplish what I wanna do to be a successful young lady and help others oh yeah thanks for laugh’s and knowledge without knowledge there’s no understand love you stay blessed yours truly Samiyah Mcdougle

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