What A Difference A Decade Can Make, Make The Next Your Best!

You can’t be afraid to reinvent yourself. Every 10 years I do something different, I flip the script some kind of way. You’re going to have to flip the script in 2020. God has given me a life far beyond anything I’ve ever dreamed about. He can do the same for you, just ask him for it.

Here’s a look at my decade. Just remember if you make a mistake, get up and keep going. Write your visions and “Jump” in 2020. There’s so much more waiting for you in life!

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  1. Uncle Steve,

    I sure do love your motivational videos. You are very honest and speaks from your heart. You inspire me more than anyone else in this world. I see you get emotional sometimes when you telling your story and that truly shows whom you are really are.

    I was born in a small village in Kenya and life was very different from the life I have now here in Japan. I walked with no shoes, never had electricity and fetched water from the mountains and we were happy everyday. I sure do cherish that life because I believe it made me stronger.

    I have hit the bottom low being a single mom in a foreign country with no family but that did not stop me from hustling and moving forward. Today, I get many people come to me and ask how I manage myself. I am in a mission to encourage and motivate people around me like you do to us.

    I truly hope that one day I will be able to attend one of your shows. Your words are very powerful and encouraging. Thank you for being you and for your willingness to share your story. You inspire many people across the world.

    Thank you.

  2. Steve I watch you everyday here on Facebook and YouTube. You inspire me to be the best version of myself I can be on the daily. You inspire me to become closer to god and the Bible. I just love everything you put out for people to listen to. Your a true masterpiece! Bless you

    1. Uncle steve,
      I can say that I truly enjoy watching your show day in an night ????out .that I feel like sometime I am right in the inspire me everyday to get up an go after what I want an I thank you for that .I live in one of the Caribbean country Belize I don’t think you know where that is, but I tune into your shows everyday when you talk I just get so emotional.thank you for what you’re doing steve an I’ll continue tune into your shows .
      God bless you always

  3. Steve Harvey,
    You are child of the most HIGH, Jesus Christ. I am so happy that you have created the life that you want for yourself. Many will try to block your blessings, not knowing that What God Has For You , It is For You. I love you and your wife. Keep moving and ensure that you remember that your steps are ordered. My life in nursing has been similar to yours. I have been knocked down according to my enemies, but, it served as a down period for the Lord to prepare me for his purpose. I thank you, you inspire me and I want you to continue doing what God has purposed you to do. You are the son of a King!!!

  4. AWESOME! What an amazing God in how he works through those who are willing to JUMP.

  5. Uncle Steve I adore you and everything you stand for. I was blessed to be on your Christmas show before your show was cancelled. You blessed me with a trip to Cancun, Mexico. I used it for my 30year anniversary it was the best anniversary ever. I can’t began to thank you enough.
    I was there at Mega Fest in Phillips Arena when you did your thang. You are blessed and you continue to bless those attached to you.
    I listen to you every morning for morning inspiration and you never let me down.
    Thank you for all you do!!!
    Ms Mary Ypsilanti, Mi

  6. Thanks very much for always.. Sometimes u speak like man of God… God really bless you and your family forever and ever, and give you more life,

  7. Steve,
    I really appreciate your motivational speeches, especially when I’m feeling down or just need to be inspired. I love your transparency, it makes me feel that I personally know you. I love your radio show in the am, and also watch you on family feud, I am happy you will be on face book TV, I work in the day but I would look at your u-tube videos of your show, I also came to Sand and Soul for the very first time last year with my finance’ , he and I both agreed, it was the greatest vacation ever!!! I am looking forward to Sand and Soul next year and it’s also my birthday, Much love!!!

  8. Thanks Mr Harvey,


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