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Don’t ever give up, I don’t care how dark it seems. Don’t ever give up. Don’t ever stop believing. God doesn’t synchronize his clock by your little mortal watch. God is in control of everything. The key is to hold on.

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  1. The one who keeps believing for ever for something , at least will die living the life he desire and wanted

  2. Things that I have prayed for the past 20 + years don’t seem to come into existence. I’m 52 and luck is not on my side. I know God is real because I’ve been brought out of situations but a brother is lonely and have a lot of love to give

  3. God’s timing is different from your timing.
    Trust HIM and don’t give up.

  4. I am 62 and going to be on the street after tomorrow if God does not come through in financial hardship. I have lost everything twice and will lose it again. I will never give up but I am hanging by a thread!! There is a THREAD OF HOPE !!!!
    Pray For ME!!!

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