You have to be born with this…

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  1. Steve, I was born with this, but somehow a hugh mistake was made Steve, I was missed. I was prepared, ready to be rich. Steve I dont know if someone taller was standing in front of me, if they’d had just said Juanita, say something Steve, they wouldn’t have missed my loud mouth.

  2. Mr. Harvey,

    Are you aware that your name was used in a scam?? People were “told” that they were picked to receive $1,000 from you? All one had to do was use a credit card to pay for a free trial from cardio.com? The free trial then converted into a monthly amount due of $44. Very sketchy! Your name and image were used. The account had been created very recently. It was SteveHarveyFamilyFeud.

    I don’t believe that you would do this. It’s some one looking to tarnish your reputation. I am definitely considering deleting Facebook. Too many shady folks! J. Melker

  3. Fraud attempt using an account called Steve Harvey/Family Feud. Promised $500 to $2,000 to carefully chosen individuals if they used a credit card to send $1 to a company called cardio.com. The account had just been opened and had nothing to indicate that it was actually you. Thought you might want to know! JoAnne M.

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