You Have To Be Willing To Take The Steps | Motivational Talks With Steve Harvey

God designed us to live for today. The thing that I’ve mastered over the years…. not worrying about tomorrow. When you worry about tomorrow, you’re putting a burden on yourself that you’re not built to carry.

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  1. That was amazing, thank you !!

  2. Powerful Message!! I auditioned for the pilot Porter vs Porter on your New show Judge Steve Harvey. The mercedes benz story was my real story. But, I truly believe God has new opportunities for me. You know why? I trust him with all my heart ❤️

  3. Good morning, I like I it what a way to wake up. I have been worrying about tomorrow. See how God works. No more. Thanks Steve. Positive food for the day.…CLT.N.C

  4. Amen Steve!!! Love your uplifting message!!$
    My 36 year old daughter will have nothing to do with me!!!
    She tells me l am evil and she wants nothing to do with me! My heart is breaking! First time in 36 years l won’t see her for Christmas!!

    Please pray for me! Thanks!

  5. I became a widow 8 years ago and at that time I lost my home. I’m in an apartment and pray to God everyday for a new debt free house. I decided to stop waiting and start looking for the house I want. My credit is so discouraging for the house I can afford. Real dilemma. I am encouraged by your words Steve. I’ll continue believing and keep on looking for that new house God has for me. God brought me a debt free car 21 years ago. I believe he can do it again with a debt free house. Thank you for the encouragement. I am really encouraged.

  6. I get two things from Stever Harvey that makes my day. # 1, If I want to laugh I listen and watch Family Fued. I really crack up. Then when I need to hear something God wants me to hear, I listen to Steve Harvey’s inspirational talk. Thanks Steve for being who God wanted you to be.
    Joyce Miles


  8. Good!! I needed to hear and be reminded.

  9. Thank you. I needed to hear that today. Faith over fear. No worries.

  10. I enjoy hearing from Mr. Harvey, I was having some old feeling of trying to control a problem that is in a few weeks knowing that I cannot change the out come wither it is good or bad. I was struggling with letting go to let God handle it. This talk was just what I need to hear. It reinforced What I was trying to do with this situation. I hope Mr. Harvey and family have a great 2022 and he continues to speak his truth.

  11. Im ,so encouraged Uncle Steve

  12. Goodmorning !!! Im soo encouraged Uncle Steve , I made a vow to nevergiveup , so everytime I give up my saviour Jesus Christ , keeps lifting me up & taking me to the place of my destiny , as one of my mentors said Better is not good enough the best is yet to come .

  13. Steve is so right, tomorrow can take care of itself. Why worry and it’s not here yet? It makes a lot of sense. Today is going to be my destiny and tomorrow can take care of itself. I have Faith and I believe. No more looking ahead..

  14. Love you Steve your messages is always inspirational.

  15. Uncle Steve: First my greetings to you, Marjorie Maam and the family. I am your biggest fan and follower from the beautiful city of Bengaluru in South India. I sent you a video entitled Lessons from Steve Harvey’ which was posted on You Tube, Facebook and Instagram. Uncle Steve, can you show the video in your show as I believe it has a deep message. If you have not received it or want me to re-do it, let me know
    Kind regards, Heera Nawaz.

  16. Steve your delivery on motivation not to worry was superb.When man canceled you Yhvh provide a double portion. Worry not ,fret not leave it put it all in the Master hands,He knows us more than we knows all about us.Excellent job sir.

  17. Taking the steps,fear is the greatest hindrance the draw backs to success to achive.Break through comes when we plan,remove ourselves from the MIND of most around us in a negative ,dark place,fear de- energize us, to be consistently motivated our MINDS must absorbed that which is positive,and such begins with the individual.

  18. I needed to hear this….I just published my fourth book…”Speaking Freely Part II”… and I have been trying to promote my book. I wrote this book because of what I witnessed about the pandemic and everything involving racism today. So I just want to introduce this book to the World.

    Listening to Steve Harvey always keeps me motivated, and thank you for sharing your wisdom!

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