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I told my kids my wife Marjorie and I are going to spend 85% of our money.  So when it comes to the reading of the will there will be no shocks.

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  1. Good day Mr. Steve Harvey how are you doing.I am sending you these few words from my home in Portmore Jamaica saying that i have lesson to some of your comments on life and what you have experience in your life, and i admire your thoughts opinion and suggestions. I am a retired Civil Servant here in Jamaica and at the age of sixty six ,things have not been easy with me but i am greatful for the lord and all that he as done for me.I am a Covid survive and that i thank our lord and saviour for.
    I have always wanted to realized my true dream and that is to be a ballad singer.The Nat King Cole type, but never had the funds to pursue that ambition and gold. I would love to meet you ,lime with you , and get that personal encouragement from you. i have watch all of your comedies and your present show Family Fude which i watch every day. There is so much more i want to say to you but through this medium its limited.I too have been married three times my second wife died of Lupus at the age of 34 and that was hard on me. If it is at all possible i would love to have a conversation eith you.
    Thank you.

  2. I’ve already said I’m spending 100% of my earned money. Besides, my Father God says in Proverbs 13:22: “A good man leaves an inheritance to his children’s children. Don’t have to leave our children anything.

  3. Steve it’s difficult to spend that kind of money especially with your income knowing that you are a comedian and it’s meant to be funny be careful with your jokes since you are claiming to be God fearing. I know it’s difficult for you to acknowledge but your jokes are becoming highly ego it seems the more you get the more you loose touch with your audience. Remember the wealthy is only one percent and I’m not one.

  4. good idea. Less for them to argue about.

  5. I already told my children what they are to expect and, already added them to the deed of the 2 properties and accounts they will own. As a preacher’s wife for 52 years (now a widow), We saw everything situation you can imagine. I think we decided to do it right. If you have 3 children, sell everything you own but 3. NEVER LEAVE 1 HOUSE FOR 6 CHILDREN! You dig?????

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