2019’s Dirtiest, Dumbest & Craziest Moments

Family Feud

The Feud in 2019 had it all… and it’s all here for you to enjoy! Happy Holidays!

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  1. Love you big time.

  2. I’m going to start watching your show? God had.me see Patrice Washington & she is fantastic! You must be special! I thought you were a bit TOO much for a 78 yr old to watch but I THINK I’m about to change my perspective! You do have GREAT taste Sir, You give knowledge!

  3. I am deaf. I learn what words mean as i ask my hearing daughter and nieces about what the tricky words meaning . I say wow !!. But my daughter can not stay watching your game show at night and day sometimes her work days off . My niece helps me when she has enough time . I am glad that your game show has closed caption. Thank you.

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